Know the Cast: ‘Kitz’

Kitz Cast - Every Performer and Character in the German Netflix Series

The Kitz cast features Sofie Eifertinger, Bless Amada and Valerie Huber. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz-Dornburg’s German Netflix series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Kitz follows an Austrian villager named Lisi who despises privileged teenagers from nearby Munich, Germany. One year after a familial tragedy, the protagonist infiltrates a high society community and hopes to expose her perceived enemies. As Lisi develops faux relationships, she grapples with her contradictory behavior. Here’s every main player in the German Netflix series Kitz.

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Kitz Cast: Sofie Eifertinger as Lisi Madlmeyer

Kitz Cast on Netflix - Sofie Eifertinger as Lisi Madlmeyer

Character Profile: A villager from Kitzbühel who receives a scholarship to attend Central Saint Martins in London. She seeks revenge against a privileged Munich woman who seemingly played a role in her brother’s death one year prior. Lisi infiltrates a high society circle in Munich and develops meaningful relationships with her perceived enemies.

Eifertinger’s Resume: Zora Borchert in Twice New Life (2016), Johanna Fehrenbach in WaPo Bodensee (2017-19), Svenja Bahnert in Tödliche Gier (2021), Maja-Florence Mühlberg in Echos (2021), Sophia in Sechs auf einen Streich – Der Geist im Glas (2021)

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Kitz Cast: Bless Amada as Dominik Reid

Kitz Cast on Netflix - Bless Amada as Dominik Reid

Character Profile: A Munich teenager. He’s the son of a neurologist and plans to attend the New Munich School of Automotive Design. Dominik hides a big secret while building relationships with both Lisi and Vanessa.

Amada’s Resume: Zikomo Sabaly in Walgericht: Black Forest Crime (2021), Omar Touré in For Heaven’s Sake (2021), Tayo in Heute stirbt hier (K)ainer (2021), Justus in Toni, männlich, Hebamme (2021), Fabi in Die Chefin (2021)

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Kitz Cast: Valerie Huber as Vanessa von Höhenfeldt

Kitz Cast on Netflix - Valerie Huber as Vanessa von Höhenfeldt

Character Profile: Dominik’s girlfriend and Lisi’s primary target. She’s a socialite and wannabe actress. Vanessa befriends Lisa and introduces her to high society Munich.

Huber’s Resume: Valerie in Tom Turbo (2007-08), Denise in Party Hard Die Young (2018), Kiki Schmitz in Nachtschwestern (2019-20), Gigi in Whiskey Cavalier (2019), Eva Klammer in Chasing the Line (2021)

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Kitz Cast: Zoran Pingel as Kosh Ziervogel

Kitz Cast on Netflix - Zoran Pingel as Kosh Ziervogel

Character Profile: Vanessa’s longtime friend who feels threatened by Lisi. He’s the the son of a business mogul who died from a brain tumor. Kosh develops a sexual relationship with Lisi’s best friend, Hans.

Pingel’s Resume: Hassan in Tatort (2015-17), Bosse in The Peppercorns and the Curse of the Black King (2017), Jamal in Bonnie & Bonnie (2019), Lobo in Sløborn (2020), Raif in Karla, Rosalie und das Loch in der Wand (2022)

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Kitz Cast: Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner

Kitz Cast on Netflix - Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner

Character Profile: Lisi’s best friend. He’s a gay farmer who conspires against Munich teenagers. Hans struggles to cope with the death of Lisi’s brother while growing intense feelings for the privileged Kosh.

Felipe’s Resume: Ben in Hit and Run (2018), Leander Fleming in Die Chefin (2020), Yannick in Stichtag (2020), Tom in Loving Her (2021)

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The Kitz cast also includes Felix Mayr (Nr. 47, Unorthodox), Tatjana Alexander (Tatort, CopStories), Souhaila Amade (Notruf Hafenkante), Florence Kasumba (Deutschland 86, Wonder Woman), Steffen Wink (Schimanski, The Salvation of The World as We Know It) and Krista Tcherneva (Der Zauberlehrling, The Last Supper).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.