Know the Cast: ‘Anxious People’

Anxious People - Every Performer and Character in Netflix's Folk med ångest

The Anxious People cast features Alfred Svensson, Dan Ekborg and Marika Lagercrantz. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Felix Herngren’s 2021 Netflix miniseries. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Anxious People examines a hostage incident near Stockholm, Sweden. An inexperienced police officer investigates the case with his father while learning crucial details about the main suspects. Meanwhile, the hostages hide a key piece of information. Here’s every performer and character in Anxious People, an adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s 2020 novel.

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Anxious People Cast: Alfred Svensson as Jack

Anxious People Cast - Alfred Svensson as Jack

Character Profile: A Swedish police officer. He works with his father and investigates a hostage incident. Jack reevaluates his professional approach while uncovering crucial details about the case.

Svensson’s Resume: Sängförsäljare in Solsidan (2015), Billy Öhman in Leif & Billy (2017-), Josef in Brorsor Forever (2019), Åhman in Hallberg (2021)

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Anxious People Cast: Dan Ekborg as Jim

Anxious People Cast - Dan Ekborg as Jim

Character Profile: Jack’s father, a police officer. He worries about the safety of his drug addict daughter, Jill. Jim changes his perspective on the hostage incident after speaking with different people.

Ekborg’s Resume: Kriminalassistent Gren in Jönssonligan & DynamitHarry (1982), Polisassistenten in The Return of the Jonsson League (1986), Gunnar in In Bed with Santa (1999), Frank in Finaste familjen (2016), Carl Johansson in Black Widows (2017)

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Anxious People Cast: Marika Lagercrantz as Anna-Lena

Anxious People Cast - Marika Lagercrantz as Anna-Lena

Character Profile: A Swedish home renovator. She attempts to lower prices with her husband. Anna-Lena informs the police about her marital issues after the focal hostage incident.

Lagercrantz’s Resume: Rita in Drömmen om Rita (1993), Eva-Britt in Vendetta (1995), Cecilia Vanger in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), Christina in When You Are Lärare (2017), Mormor Victoria in JJ+E (2021)

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Anxious People Cast: Leif Andrée as Roger

Anxious People Cast - Leif Andrée as Roger

Character Profile: Anna-Lena’s husband. He’s an apartment flipper who is known for his sensitive demeanor. Roger reflects about being a stay-at-home dad.

Andrée’s Resume: Mats in Daybreak (2003), Tommy Lindström in The Laser Man (2005), Svante in Livet i Fagervik (2008-09), Roger in Äkta människor (2012-14), Carl-Johan in The Sandhamn Murders (2020)

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Anxious People Cast: Anna Granath as Zarah

Anxious People Cast - Anna Granath as Zarah

Character Profile: A bank manager. She recalls a man who committed suicide after being denied a loan. Zarah bonds with one of her fellow hostages.

Granath’s Resume: Maja in Hjälp! (2007-08), Clownen Beppo in A Man Called Ove (2015), Mona in Filip och Mona (2019), Kvinnan in Mäklarna (2021)

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Anxious People Cast: Per Andersson as Lennart

Anxious People Cast - Per Andersson as Lennart

Character Profile: A performance artist who dresses as the “pooping, perverted musketeer.” He is hired by Anna-Lena to help drive down home renovation prices. Lennart actively pursues a romance with Zarah.

Andersson’s Resume: Myggan Larsson in Myggan (2007), Dagmar in Hjälp! (2009), Sture in Barna Hedenhös uppfinner julen (2013), Rektor Göran Bergdahl in Bert’s Diary (2020), Tomten in Mer panik i tomteverkstan (2021)

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Anxious People Cast: Lottie Ejebrant as Estelle

Anxious People Cast - Lottie Ejebrant as Estelle

Character Profile: One of the focal hostages. She reflects about her late husband Knut while revealing key pieces of information during the investigation. Estelle is the mother of a man who commits suicide in the opening sequence.

Ejebrandt’s Resume: Göta in I Need a Woman (1966), Snorkfröken in Mumindalen (1973), Stella Strand in Skulden (1982), Lovisa Ström in Nya tider (2001), Hulda in Crimes of Passion: No More Murders (2013)

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Anxious People Cast: Carla Sehn as Julia

Anxious People Cast - Carla Sehn as Julia

Character Profile: A pregnant hostage. She worries about the whereabouts of her partner, Ro. Julia believes that she may have to raise her child alone.

Sehn’s Resume: Carolina in The Sandhamn Murders (2020), Caroline Dahl in Love & Anarchy (2020), Alice in Sjukt (2021), Beata in Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton (2021)

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The Anxious People cast also includes Petrina Solange (Mina Problem, Bonusfamiljen), Hugo Gummeson, Hjalle Möller, Shima Niavarani and Sofia Ledarp.

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