Know the Cast: ‘The Girl from Oslo’

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Every Performer and Character in Bortfort

The Girl from Oslo cast features Anneke von der Lippe, Amos Tamam and Raida Adon. This info article contains minor spoilers for Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz’s Norwegian series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Inspired in part by the Oslo Accords, The Girl from Oslo focuses on the kidnapping of three youths in the Sinai Peninsula. A Norwegian diplomat travels to Israel to investigate her daughter’s disappearance, and also reunites with the girl’s birth father, who is now the Prime Minster. The storyline explores the negotiation process between an ISIS terrorist, an Oslo lawyer, a Hamas leader and an Israeli politician who must protect his reputation at all costs. Here’s every main player in The Girl from Oslo, otherwise known as Bortført.

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Anneke von der Lippe as Alex

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Anneke von der Lippe as Alex

Character Profile: A Norwegian diplomat. She travels to Israel to locate her kidnapped daughter. Alex reunites with Pia’s birth father, whom she had an affair with during the 1993 Oslo Accords, and uses a Hamas contact to broker a deal.

Von der Lippe’s Resume: Ann Mari Salmi in The Warrior’s Heart (1992), Liv in Over stork og stein (1994), Eva in Pan (1995), Security Official #2 in 22 July (2018), Ragni Østgaard in Atlantic Crossing (2020)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Amos Tamam as Arik

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Amos Tamam as Arik

Character Profile: The Prime Minister of Israel. He strategizes with Alex while discovering that he is Pia’s birth father. Arik refuses to negotiate with Hamas and enlists a former military colleague for a covert operation.

Tamam’s Resume: Yariv Arad in Our Song (2005-05), Arik Arbel in Downtown Precinct (2011-15), Arik Arbel in Beneath the Silence (2016), Asher in Fuda (2017-20), Maurice Cohen in The Spy (2019)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Raida Adon as Layla

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Raida Adon as Layla

Character Profile: Alex’s friend from the 1993 Oslo Accords. She’s a Gaza native who wants responsible leadership. Layla’s son orchestrates Pia’s kidnapping after hearing a conversation between his mother and Alex.

Adon’s Resume: Leyla in Zinzana (1999-2005), Mery in A Trumpet in the Wadi (2002), Mona in Pillars of Smoke (2009-11), Shulamit in 3000 Nights (2015), Umm Nidal in Fauda (2017-18)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Andrea Berntzen as Pia

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Andrea Berntzen as Pia

Character Profile: Alex’s daughter. She travels to Israel to meet her birth father, who is now the Prime Minister. Pia and two Israeli friends get kidnapped by ISIS.

Berntzen’s Resume: Kaja in Utøya: July 22 (2018), Diana in HasBeen (2018-19), Marielle in Nissene i bingen (2021)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Shadi Mar’i as Yusuf

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Shadi Mar'i as Yusuf

Character Profile: Layla’s son. He joins ISIS while grieving his father’s death. Yusuf orchestrates Pia’s kidnapping and realizes that he made a big mistake.

Mari’s Resume: Sanfur in Bethlehem (2013), Walid El Abed in Fauda (2015-18), Eyad in Our Boys (2019), Hameed in Juda (2020), Salim in Possessions (2020)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Daniel Litman as Nadav

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Daniel Litman as Nadav

Character Profile: Pia’s friend who is kidnapped with his sister, Noa. Nadav previously lived with his mother after joining the military. Nadav is estranged from his father because of opposing views on religion.

Litman’s Resume: Tubi Miller in HaMidrasha (2017-18), Daniel “Ha-Ben” in Cramped (2017-), Daniel in The Little Drummer Girl (2018), Omer in Combat Medics (2020), Yehuda Warburg in Baalat HaChalomot (2021)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Anders T. Andersen as Karl

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Anders T. Andersen as Karl

Character Profile: Pia’s Norwegian father, a lawyer. He is pressured to defend an ISIS leader in Oslo. Karl assists a Hamas agent named Selma and learns that Arik is Pia’s real father.

Andersen’s Resume: Wigliff in The 13th Warrior (1999), Harald in The Bothersome Man (2006), Daniel Verås in Mammon (2014), Mattis in The Birds (2019), Sten-Roar Hermansen in Rådebank (2020-)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Rotem Abuhab as Dana

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Rotem Abuhab as Dana

Character Profile: Arik’s wife. She has two children and welcomes Alex into her home. Dana urges Arik to prioritize the happiness of their familial unit.

Abuhab’s Resume: Dana in Ha-Chevre Ha-Tovim (1999-2002), Ariela Sadeh in Meorav Yerushalmi (2003-10), Anita in Aviva, My Love (2006), Shani Rosen in Sabri Maranan (2011-), Karnit Malachi in Sirens (2014-19)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Jameel Khoury as Bashir

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Jameel Khoury as Bashir

Character Profile: A disabled Hamas leader. He agrees to meet with Alex but feels insulted by her proposals. Bashir strategizes against Arik and acquires a a piece of crucial video evidence.

Khoury’s Resume: Marwan in Body of Lies (2008), Abed Mashrawi in The Office (2010-13), Nabil Mashrawi in Out in the Dark (2012), Abu Smara in Fauda (2015-20), Ramses in The Bureau (2020)

The Girl from Oslo Cast: Abhin Galeya as Abu Salim

The Girl from Oslo Cast - Abhin Galeya as Abu Salim

Character Profile: An ISIS leader. In the past, he was arrested by the Police Security Service after claiming asylum in Norway. Abu intends to escape during a court hearing but doesn’t realize that his lawyer, Karl, is being manipulated by a Hamas agent.

Galeya’s Resume: Oedipus in Rome (2005), Ash in Cleanskin (2012), Wasam Madani in Hustle (2012), John the Baptist in Killing Jesus (2015), Zamen Essayah in Peacemaker (2020)


The Girl from Oslo cast also includes Hisham Suliman (Munich, Fauda), Shaniaz Hama Ali (The Bureau, Young Wallander), Boaz Konforty (Fauda, Mekif Milano), Vered Feldman (Zaltoun, Temporarily Dead) and André Sørum (Heimebane, Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes).

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