Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Anonymously Yours’

Anonymously Yours Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Anonymously Yours soundtrack includes music by Plano, Películas Geniales and Blackpink. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Maria Torres’ 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Anonymously Yours stars Annie Cabello and Ralf Morales as Mexican teenagers named Vale and Alex, respectively. The protagonists build a friendship shortly before graduation, unaware that they’ve been communicating with each other online as anonymous friends. The film incorporates nearly 30 needle-drop tracks, courtesy of music supervisor Javier Nuño (Acapulco). Here’s every song in Anonymously Yours.

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Anonymously Yours Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

Anonymously Yours Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)” by Cornershop (00:01:00): The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song plays during a bedroom sequence. Vale narrates about watching and making movies. The music continues as the protagonist explains how she began studying cinema.
  • “Ride with It” by Beds and Beats (00:04:00): Vale hangs with Regina (Estefi Merelles) and Ritchie (Harold Azuara). A wide slo-mo shot captures the vibe of their community. The song drops as Vale narrates about her “anonymous” existence.
  • “Rap Detención 1” by Tadeo Santiago Tovar Cantu and Ari Ruben Shasho Cardenas (00:09:00): Vale argues with Miss Mony and ends up in detention. Her male peers freestyle rap in the classroom. Alex covers his ears, unaware of his online connection to Vale.
  • “Suena Perreo” by Uzielito Mix (00:14:00): Vale attends a house party with Regina. The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song scores a beer pong sequence.
  • “Regresar” by Plano (00:14:00): The music begins as “Suena Perreo” fades. Vale roams a house party by herself. She chats with Regina and says goodbye. The song also plays during the end credits at 01:38:00.
  • “Half Light” by Gemma Hayes (00:016:00): Ritchie offers kombucha to Vale. The characters sit together at a pool. Vale tells Ritchie that she isn’t “cool.”
  • “Rap Detención 2” by Tadeo Santiago Tovar Cantu and Ari Ruben Shasho Cardenas (00:17:00): Montes raps while hanging out with classmates in detention. Vale gets paired up with Alex for an educational exercise.
  • “No Estamos Bien” by Kirnbauer (00:20:00): The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song accompanies a text-themed scene. Vale messages with Alex. The music continues during a split-screen sequence.
  • “Todavia” by Dromedarios Magicos (00:23:00): Alex sends Vale a music file but doesn’t realize that she is his detention partner. The characters text with their backs turned to each other. The music briefly drops when Alex takes off his headphones and asks Vale why she is laughing.
  • “Go Bananas” by Don Elektron and TT the Artist (00:28:00): Alex talks with Lina about Vale. The music plays during a soccer sequence. Regina squares off against Lina (Alicia Vélez) and wins.
  • “En Visto” by Películas Geniales (00:31:00): The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song kicks in as Alex checks his phone. The music continues as the character anticipates a message from his text partner. Vale chats with her mother at home.
  • “Pride” by LG Team Genius (00:38:00): Lina arrives at a night club with Regina. They pose for a selfie as Alex looks around with Vale. The music drops during a bar scene.
  • “Santo Perreo” by DJ Young, Flyboi, Paulina Fuego (00:40:00): Alex and Vale dance after discussing their recent movie theatre experience. The music continues during a brief group sequence. Alex and Vale look at each other as their hearts thump.
  • “Scaria Stropolis” by Paul Bethers (00:41:00): Alex looks at his phone after a night out. He anticipates a message from “Anonymous.” The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song fades as Vale walks away from her phone.
  • “En El Aire” by Mula (00:54:00): Alex texts with his anonymous friend. He worries about not knowing her that well. Vale offers her support.
  • “Boyfriend” by Confidence Man (00:55:00): The track scores a karaoke sequence. Alex and Vale wear rabbit ears with their friends.
  • “Todavia (Karaoke)” by Ralf and Annie Cabello (00:56:00): Vale performs by herself in a karaoke booth with friends. Alex joins her for a duet.
  • “tdbn” by Bratty (01:05:00): Vale accompanies Alex for lunch. The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song plays as they leave a basketball court. The music continues during a hang-out montage sequence.
  • “Si Te Quiero A Ti O A El” by Annie Cabello (01:11:00): Vale plays an instrument at home. She thinks about her relationships with Alex and “Anonymous.”
  • “Again” by Noah Cyrus feat. XXXTentacion (01:15:00): Vale arrives at home after being stood up by “Anonymous.” She texts and asks if everything is OK. The music continues as Alex avoids communicating with Vale/Anonymous.
  • “Porque No Me Besas” by Litkei/Andrea, Litkei/Ervin (01:20:00): The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song plays during a movie theatre sequence. The music scores a kissing scene as Vale watches.
  • “Quédate” by Películas Geniales feat. Kirnbauer & Axel Fiks (01:30:00): Vale and her friends arrive at a prom party. Regina dances with Lina. Ritchie asks Vale if she wants to “mix it up.”
  • “Automatic” by Chamie (01:33:00): A DJ spins a song at the prom party. Vale receives a text message from her estranged online friend. The Anonymously Yours soundtrack song continues as Vale nervously speaks with her friends.
  • “Lovesick Girls” by Blackpink (01:36:00): Vale finally discovers that “Anonymous” is Alex. The protagonists dance together at the prom event. The music fades after Vale narrates about her experiences.

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The Anonymously Yours soundtrack also includes:

  • “Get It” by Stella Mwangi
  • “Todavia” by JMR
  • “Hope CML” by Corozine, Vincent S.
  • “Toque De Bandera” by Annie Cabello
  • “Estar Aqui” by Películas Geniales

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor and chief film critic.