Know the Cast: ‘Anonymously Yours’

Anonymously Yours Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Anonymously Yours cast features Annie Cabello, Ralf Morales and Estefi Merelles. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Maria Torres’ 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Anonymously Yours follows the unique romance between two Mexican teenagers. Shortly before graduation, a high school senior named Annie develops an online friendship with an unidentified person. Meanwhile, she hangs out with a male classmate who shares her interest in cinema. As Annie prepares for a future in the movie industry, she realizes that it’s time to meet her anonymous friend. Here’s every main performer and character in Anonymously Yours.

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Anonymously Yours Cast: Annie Cabello as Vale

Anonymously Yours Cast - Annie Cabello as Vale

Character Profile: A high school senior in Mexico. She feels in control when making movies. Vale builds a friendship with a male classmate while sorting through her feelings for an anonymous online friend.

Cabello’s Resume: Andrea Hernandez in La Negociadora (2020)

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Anonymously Yours Cast: Ralf Morales as Alex

Anonymously Yours Cast - Ralf Morales as Alex

Character Profile: Vale’s classmate, a technology expert. He lives with his mother, Vero, and gets free WiFi for the residents of his building. Alex enjoys spending time with Vale but struggles to communicate his true feelings.

Morales’ Resume: Feature Debut in Anonymously Yours

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Anonymously Yours Cast: Estefi Merelles as Regina

Anonymously Yours Cast - Estefi Merelles as Regina

Character Profile: Vale’s long-time friend. She’s an intense soccer player who begins a romantic relationship with a female classmate. Regina believes that Vale and Alex (“Valex”) should be together.

Merelles’ Resume: Feature Debut in Anonymously Yours

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Anonymously Yours Cast: Harold Azuara as Ritchie

Anonymously Yours Cast - Harold Azuara as Ritchie

Character Profile: Regina’s brother. He’s a charismatic student who entertains classmates. Ritchie threatens Alex at a high school event.

Azuara’s Resume: Ramón “Monche” Barragán in La CQ (2012-13), Benito in El color de la pasión (2014), Axel in Divina, está en tu corazón (2017), Dionisio in Champs (2018), Erik in Rosario Tijeras (2018-19)

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Anonymously Yours Cast: Alicia Vélez as Lina

Anonymously Yours Cast - Alicia Vélez as Lina

Character Profile: Regina’s girlfriend. She’s an upfront person who doesn’t hide her feelings. Lina worries about Vale communicating with a stranger from the internet.

Vélez’s Resume: Feature Movie Debut in Anonymously Yours

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The Anonymously Yours cast also includes Tadeo Tovar, Ari Shasho, Jesús Guzmán, Verónica Merchant and Amanda Farah.

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