Know the Cast: ‘Mixtape’

Mixtape Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Mixtape cast features Gemma Brooke Allen, Julie Bowen and Nick Thune. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Valerie Weiss’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Mixtape follow a Spokane, Washington girl named Beverly in December 1999. She reflects about her late parents and tries to bond with her always-worried grandmother. When Beverly discovers a mixtape from the past, she visits a local record store and learns more about the featured tracks. Written by Stacey Menear, the 93-minute film chronicles the protagonist’s evolution from a timid girl into a confident punk rocker. Here’s every main performer and character in Mixtape.

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Mixtape Cast: Gemma Brooke Allen as Beverly Moody

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Gemma Brooke Allen as Beverly Moody

Character Profile: A Spokane, Washington adolescent whose parents died when she was two years old. Beverly reaches out to a record store owner upon discovering a mixtape at her home. She bonds with several classmates while investigating the past.

Allen’s Resume: Janice in Fresh Off the Boat (2016), Judy in The Hollywouldn’ts (2016), Becca in Daddy Issues (2018), Regan Peterson in Black Pumpkin (2018), Young Kate in Kate (2021)

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Mixtape Cast: Julie Bowen as Gail

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Julie Bowen as Gail

Character Profile: Beverly’s grandmother, a mail carrier. She believes that poems are “weird ideas” and constantly worries about what could go wrong in her life. Gail saves money for Beverly’s college fund and tries to better understand her granddaughter’s identity as a young woman.

Bowen’s Resume: Virginia Venit in Happy Gilmore (1996), Carol Vessey in Ed (2000-04), Claire Dunphy in Modern Family (2009-20), Rhonda Harken in Horrible Bosses (2011), Violet Valentine in Hubie Halloween (2020)

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Mixtape Cast: Audrey Hsieh as Ellen

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Audrey Hsieh as Ellen

Character Profile: Beverly’s Taiwanese neighbor. She has an irrational fear of the movie character E.T. and admires the Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak. Ellen introduces Beverly to Napster and helps her investigate the true meaning of the titular mixtape.

Hsieh’s Resume: Asian Girl in Criminal Minds (2014), Lindsay in Here Today (2021)

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Mixtape Cast: Olga Petsa as Nicky

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Olga Petsa as Nicky

Character Profile: A social outcast at James K. Polk Middle school. She has sleep apnea and believes that Cheap Trick is the most underrated band in rock history. Nicky opens up about herself while developing friendships with Beverly and Ellen.

Petsa’s Resume: Dominique in Twitch (2019), Daisy in Daisy (2019), Feature Movie Debut in Mixtape

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Mixtape Cast: Nick Thune as Anti

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Nick Thune as Anti

Character Profile: The owner of Anti Matters Records. He reluctantly helps Beverly learn about her parents’ mixtape. Anti bonds with Gail and opens up about his background.

Thune’s Resume: Alison’s Friend in Knocked Up (2007), Eric Kline in Mr. Roosevelt (2017), Dave in Dave Made a Maze (2017), Randy in The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018), Magnus in Love Life (2020-)

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Mixtape Cast: Jackson Rathbone as Wes Kelly

Mixtape Cast on Netflix - Jackson Rathbone as Wes Kelly

Character Profile: A Spokane, Washington musician. He’s a former member of The Murderous Ambersons who performs at The Voyeur. Wes provides Beverly with information about her mother.

Rathbone’s Resume: Justin in The O.C. (2006), Sokka in The Last Airbender (2010), Jasper in the Twilight Movie Franchise (2008-12), Giorgio in The Last Ship (2017), Eddie Conway in Until We Meet Again (2020)

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The Mixtape cast also includes Diego Mercado (Tracktown), Anthony Timpano (Riverdale, There’s Someone Inside Your House), Kiefer O’Reilly (The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Home Before Dark) Lucas Yao (Turner & Hooch) and Kwesi Amewah (Capote, Man of Steel).

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