Know the Cast: ‘Spoiled Brats’

Spoiled Brats Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie (Pourris gâtés)

The Spoiled Brats cast features Gérard Jugnot, Camille Lou and Artus. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Nicolas Cuche’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Spoiled Brats follows a trio of privileged French siblings. When their father claims that his funds have been frozen, the family moves from Monaco to Marseilles. As the kids work for the first time, they learn about the realities faced by their fellow French citizens. And the siblings also discover the truth about their father’s motivations. Here’s every main player in Spoiled Brats, otherwise known as Pourris gâtés.

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Gérard Jugnot as Francis Bartek

Spoiled Brats Cast - Gérard Jugnot as Francis Bartek

Character Profile: A wealthy Monaco businessman. He intends to teach his children a lesson about hard work. Francis devises a complex plan while suspecting that a potential son-in-law may be a fraud.

Jugnot’s Resume: Office Clerk in The Tenant (1976), Jean-Baptiste Foucret in Scout toujours… (1985), Michel Berthier in Une époque formidable… (1991), Clément Mathieu in The Chorus (2004), Maître Garaud in A French Case (2021)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Camille Lou as Stella Bartek

Spoiled Brats Cast - Camille Lou as Stella Bartek

Character Profile: Francis’ daughter. She gets engaged to a seemingly wealthy Argentine businessman. Stella works as a waitress in Marseilles and becomes more self-aware after dealing with rude guests.

Lou’s Resume: Angie in Mother Is Wrong (2018), Elodie in New Biz in the Hood (2019), Aurore in The Red Band Society (2017-20), Alice de Jeansin in The Bonfire of the Destiny (2020), Mel in Christmas Flow (2021)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Artus as Philippe Bartek

Spoiled Brats Cast - Artus as Philippe Bartek

Character Profile: Francis’ business-savvy son. He’s the self-proclaimed “Zuckerberg of Shoes” with unique marketing strategies. Philippe works as a bicyclist guide and ultimately befriends one of his competitors.

Artus’ Resume: Mickael in What Ze Teuf (2013), Jonas in The Bureau (2017-20), Christophe in Family Swap (2020), Spartacus in Brutus vs César (2020), Momo in Ma mère vous adore (2021)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Louka Meliava as Alexandre Bartek

Spoiled Brats Cast - Louka Meliava as Alexandre Bartek

Character Profile: Francis’ lazy son. He’s a naturalist who views himself as Jim Morrison-like revolutionary figure. Alexandre gets caught sleeping with the daughters of his father’s top assistant, Ferrucio.

Meliava’s Resume: Lucas in Respire (2014), Tristan in Beauty and the Beast (2014), Romain in One Wild Moment (2015), Georges-Charles d’Anthès in The Mystery of Henri Pick (2019), Louka in Love Bug (2021)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Tom Leeb as Juan Carlos

Spoiled Brats Cast - Tom Leeb as Juan Carlos

Character Profile: Stella’s fiancee. He appears to be a suave Argentine businessman on the surface. Juan Carlos tracks Francis and his family down in Marseilles, which leads to a big character reveal.

Leeb’s Resume: Tom in Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez (2013-14), Joe in The New Generation(2015), Dega’s Lawyer in Papillon (2017), Paul in Pierre et Jeanne (2021), Samuel in Stuck Together (2021)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: François Morel as Ferrucio

Spoiled Brats Cast - François Morel as Ferrucio

Character Profile: Francis’ top assistant. He colludes in a plan to teach the focal children a lesson. Ferrucio also investigates Juan Carlos.

Morel’s Resume: Lamy in Les vivants et les morts (2010), Professeur Moustache in Tu mourras moins bête (2015-20), Félicien Couture in Footnotes (2016), Michel Vidal in Baron noir (2018-20), Jules in For the Ones We Loved (2019)

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Spoiled Brats Cast: Joffrey Verbrugen as Matthias

Spoiled Brats Cast - Joffrey Verbrugen as Matthias

Character Profile: Stella’s friend and colleague. He’s a chef who caters an event in Monaco. Matthias later hires Stella in Marseilles and teaches her a lesson about humility.

Verbrugen’s Resume: Benjamin in Unspoken (2008), Alexandre in The Boat Race (2009), Tony in Trader Games (2010), Fab in Champion (2018), Serge in Girls with Balls (2018)

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The Spoiled Brats cast also includes Colette Kraff (Blind Man, Grace of Monaco), Jean-Baptiste Sagory (Love in Paris, The Intern), Fabien Ara (The Magic Touch, The Last Mercenary), Ichem Bougheraba and Clara Joly.

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