Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘More the Merrier’

More the Merrier Soundtrack (Donde Caben Dos) - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The More the Merrier soundtrack includes music by Jia Miles, Oques Grasses and La Casa Azul. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Paco Caballero’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

More the Merrier (Donde caben dos) primarily takes place at a swingers club in Spain. Various couples satisfy their sexual urges, and an employee named Clara (Anna Castillo) reignites a spark with her cousin, Pablo (Miki Esparbé). Meanwhile, longtime friends Alberto (Ernesto Alterio) and Paco (Luis Callejo) realize that their wives have a strong physical connection. Musically, the Spanish comedy film includes a heavy amount of mainstream music to complement the club setting. Here’s every featured song in More the Merrier.

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More the Merrier Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

More the Merrier Soundtrack (Donde Caben Dos) - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Would You….. ?” by Eve Never (00:01:00): The More the Merrier soundtrack song scores the opening sequence. The hostess (Ana Milán) narrates about love at first sight. She explains her connection to Club Paradiso.
  • “Prueba Prueba!” by Jia Miles (00:11:00): Alberto jokes around at Paco’s expense. Pablo meets the friends of his cousin, Clara. The song plays again at 00:50:00.
  • “Dame Tu Amor” by Eisha (00:13:00): Pablo speaks on the phone with a business contact. He spots a picture of himself with Clara. The More the Merrier soundtrack song scores the moment.
  • “Lakilove” by Oques Grasses (00:14:00): Clara asks Pablo to join her group for a drink. The music kicks in as the cousins prep for a night out.
  • “Assiyo Belema — Mulatu Astatke” by C+A: M. Estatke — Mr. Bongo Publishing (00:22:00): Pablo experiences Club Paradiso for the first time. The music plays as he surveys the scene. Clara explains that Pablo is at a swingers club.
  • “El Bellakeo” by Don Dixon (00:28:00): Alba (María León) and Liana (Aixa Villagrán) enjoy some pool time. They discuss a “free drinks” card. The two women learn about their drunken adventure from the night before.
  • “Toro” by El Columpio Asesino (00:34:00): Pablo downs a drink at the Club Paradiso bar. He makes his way into a blue-tinted room full of various couples. Pablo hooks up with a woman who is later revealed to be Clara, his cousin.
  • “Deliriously” by Zachary Aaron Golden — Elias Plays Publishing (00:44:00): Belén (Melina Matthews) spots her “ultimate couple.” She introduces herself to Miguel (Jorge Suquet) and Ana (Verónica Echegui). Jaime (Raúl Arévalo) arrives and spots his ex-girlfriend, Ana.
  • “Tràkata” by Zuleima Gonzalez Gonzalez, Joaquin Dominguez Santana, Farina Pau Paucar Franco (00:54:00): Alberto kisses Marta (María Morales). Paco gets intimate with Claudia (Pilar Castro). The More the Merrier soundtrack song continues as the women smile at each other and decide to kiss.
  • “Tocame El Culo” by Rebe Escrita, Rebeca Diaz (01:11:00): Jaime has an intimate conversation with his ex-girlfriend, Ana. The track plays as they begin kissing.
  • “La Pared” by Bambino (01:18:00): Víctor touches Raúl through a wall. They share an intimate moment as the music intensifies.
  • “Ni Un Beso” by Delaporte (01:23:00): Iván (Carlos Cuevas) reminds Alba about their encounter the previous night. The characters hook up in an administrative room. The More the Merrier soundtrack song fades during a transitional scene in which Jaime and Ana get chastised for hugging.
  • “Playing the Game” by Benjamin Spencer Woods, Aaron Schultz, Timothy Wilfred, Charles Lee, Xavier Othello Smith, Jeremy Ira Mage, Alecia Shakour (01:27:00): Jaime and Ana chat about their recent sexual encounter. They also discuss their past relationship and the potential for a future together. The song plays later during the end credits at 01:48:00.
  • “Ojalá” by Suu (01:29:00): Ana says goodbye to Jaime. They separate on good terms. The hostess offers advice about getting too personal at Club Paradiso.
  • “Cariñito” by Novedades Carminha (01:34:00): Ricardo (Raúl Prieto) and Alba agree to have an open marriage. They kiss and celebrate their new engagement. The More the Merrier soundtrack song fades as Clara begins a conversation with Pablo.
  • “Voy a Hacerte Recordar” by La Habitación Roja (01:36:00): Clara recalls a sexual escapade in a darkened room. She states that she recognized a familiar pig-like sound before her partner’s climax. The music scores a kiss sequence between Clara and Pablo.
  • “La Revolución Sexual” by La Casa Azul (01:39:00): Raúl (Álvaro Cervantes) looks for Víctor (Ricardo Gómez) at Club Paradiso. The hostess narrates about romantic sparks. Raúl and Víctor reunite; the movie ends with an orgasm-themed montage sequence.
  • “El Amor No Duele” by Tesa (01:44:00): The More the Merrier soundtrack song plays during the end credits.

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The More the Merrier soundtrack also includes:

  • “Streets of Old Havana” by Jonathan Gordon — Killer Tracks
  • “Two Tacos” by Anders Johan Greger Lewen — Mad Monkeys Publishing
  • “Nasi Goreng” by Arnny Montana
  • “Cançó de l’aire” by Oques Grasses
  • “Bad Gyal” by Maas feat. Young Johnson
  • “Souma Bon Uta (A)” by Ryo Hagiwara

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