Know the Cast: ‘More the Merrier’

More the Merrier Cast (Donde Caben Dos) - Every Main Performer in the Netflix Movie

The More the Merrier cast features Ernesto Alterio, Raúl Arévalo and Anna Castillo. This info article contains minor spoilers for Paco Caballero’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

More the Merrier revolves around a swingers club in Spain. Five different tales interconnect as various characters seek sexual healing while looking for the ideal partner. Two older men plan for a rendezvous with their wives; first cousins admit their romantic feelings for each other; two gay men bond in a Glory Hole room; a bisexual woman looks for her engagement ring; a man reconnects with his ex-girlfriend; a bartender watches the action play out. Here’s every main player in More the Merrier, otherwise known as Donde caben dos.

More the Merrier Cast: Ernesto Alterio as Alberto

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Ernesto Alterio as Alberto

Character Profile: A charismatic married man. He organizes a swingers night with his friend Paco. Alberto realizes that his wife is sexually attracted to women.

Alterio’s Resume: Pablo in Los Lobos de Washington (1999), Javier in The Other Side of the Bed (2002), Tio Beto in Clandestine Childhood (2011), Salvador Osuna Nava in Narcos: Mexico (2018), Gregorio in Someone Has to Die (2020)

More the Merrier Cast: Raúl Arévalo as Jaime

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Raúl Arévalo as Jaime

Character Profile: A man who visits Club Paradiso with his girlfriend, Belén. He waits as his partner looks for the “ultimate couple.” Jaime reunites with his ex-girlfriend at the swingers club.

Arévalo’s Resume: Director of The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) — Also, Jorge Ruiz in Con el culo al aire (2012-14), Pedro Suárez in Marshland (2014), Venancio Mallo in Pain and Glory (2019), Diego in Antidisturbios (2020)

More the Merrier Cast: Luis Callejo as Paco

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Luis Callejo as Paco

Character Profile: Alberto’s friend. He’s a nervous man who gets reminded about an embarrassing moment from the past. Paco pursues a sexual fling with Alberto’s wife.

Callejo’s Resume: Álvaro in Lucas (2012), Curro in The Fury of a Patient Man (2016), Joses in Risen (2016), Ramis in Below Zero (2021), Montejo in Bandoleros (2021)

More the Merrier Cast: Anna Castillo as Clara

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Anna Castillo as Clara

Character Profile: A Club Paradiso employee. She brings her famous cousin, Pablo, to a swingers gathering. Clara pursues a sexual encounter with her relative.

Castillo’s Resume: Alma in The Olive Tree (2016), Susana Vargas in Estoy vivo (2017-19), Leonor in Journey to a Mother’s Room (2018), Pilar in Arde Madrid (2018), Txiki in La Línea Invisible (2020)

More the Merrier Cast: Pilar Castro as Claudia

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Pilar Castro as Claudia

Character Profile: Alberto’s wife. She participates in a game of Truth or Dare. Claudia hooks up with Paco and then shifts her attention to his wife.

Castro’s Resume: Pilar in Fat People (2009), Pilar in El primio (2010), Claudia in Julieta (2016), Helga Pato in Advantages of Travelling by Train (2019), Belén in Someone Has to Die (2020)

More the Merrier Cast: Álvaro Cervantes as Raúl

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Álvaro Cervantes as Raúl

Character Profile: A gay Club Paradiso patron. He visits a Glory Hole room and chats with a man named Víctor. Raúl reflects about a failed relationship.

Cervantes’ Resume: Pollo in Three Steps Above Heaven (2010), Feliciano in Hanna (2011), Rai in Angels of Sex (2012), Carlos de Austria in Charles, Emperor King (2015-16), Rai Messeguer Ortiz in Criminal: Spain (2019)

More the Merrier Cast: Carlos Cuevas as Iván

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Carlos Cuevas as Iván

Character Profile: A bartender at Club Paradiso. He assists various patrons while offering advice. Iván hooks up with one of the main female characters.

Cuevas’ Resume: Biel Delmàs in Ventdelplà (2005-10), Javier in The Ministry of Time (2016),  Martino in Boundless (2021), Pol Rubio in Merlí. Sapere Aude (2019-), Alonso in Someone Has to Die (2020)

More the Merrier Cast: Verónica Echegui as Ana

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Verónica Echegui as Ana

Character Profile: A Club Paradiso guest. She has a boyfriend named Miguel and doesn’t seem pleased by their sexual relationship. Ana reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Jamie, and explains why she broke up with him several years prior.

Echegui’s Resume: Elena Ledesma in Fortitude (2015-17), Susana in You’re Killing Me Susana (2016), Claudia in Let Yourself Go (2018), Luciana in Trust (2018), Raquel in 3 Caminos (2021)

More the Merrier Cast: Miki Esparbé as Pablo

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Miki Esparbé as Pablo

Character Profile: Clara’s famous cousin. He visits from New York City and initially displays reserved behavior. Pablo loosens up at Club Paradiso and has a sexual encounter with a mystery woman in a darkened room.

Esparbé’s Resume: Rafa in Off Course (2015), Nacho in El rei borni (2016), Juan in [Still] love you (2017), Martín Pulido in Drug Squad: Costa del Sol (2019), Aníbal Ledesma in The Innocent (2021)

More the Merrier Cast: Ricardo Gómez as Víctor

More the Merrier Cast on Netflix (Donde Caben Dos) - Ricardo Gómez as Víctor

Character Profile: A Club Paradiso guest. He’s a fan of Ryan Gosling and connects with Raúl in a Glory Hole room. Víctor seems interested in a real-life romance with his Club Paradiso partner.

Gómez’s Resume: Carlos/Self in Cuéntame (2001-18), Soldado José in 1898: Our Last Men in the Philippines (2016), Alejandro in Unauthorized Living (2018), Andrés in The Replacement (2021), Moi in Mía & Moi (2021)


The More the Merrier cast also includes María León (The Sleeping Voice, The House of Flowers), Melina Matthews (Mama, Warrior Nun), Ana Milán (Camera café, ByAnaMilán), María Morales (Todas las mujeres, Criminal: Spain), Jorge Suquet (Elite, Bandoleros) and Aixa Villagrán (Vida perfecta, Crazy About Her).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.