Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘My Brother, My Sister’

My Brother, My Sister Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack includes music by Valerio Calisse, Letizia Pennacchini and Marco Conidi. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Roberto Capucci’s 2021 Netflix movie. Visit the Vague Visages Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

My Brother, My Sister stars Alessandro Preziosi as Nik and Claudia Pandolfi as Tesla, respectively. The estranged siblings reunite in Rome and must live together because of their late father’s wishes. Nik and Tesla intend to play nice for just one year; however, they realize that life is better when they’re together. The Netflix movie includes big musical moments, as several of the main characters are accomplished musicians, and the soundtrack complements the drama with a variety of orchestral pieces and Italian pop hits. Here’s every featured song in My Brother, My Sister.

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My Brother, My Sister Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

My Brother, My Sister Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Ave Maria” by Johann Sebastian Bach (00:00:00): The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack song scores the opening sequence. Giada (Caterina Murino) arrives at Giulio’s funeral and speaks with Tesla. The music fades when Nik arrives wearing sunglasses.
  • “Duetto Dei Fiori” by Roberta Frighi (00:09:00): Nik jogs in the street. A slo-mo aesthetic stylizes the scene. An overhead shot captures the Colosseum.
  • “You Are Wherever You Go” by Renata Malinconico (00:22:00): Carolina (Ludovica Martino) decides to move out of the family home. She checks out a camper that was inherited from her late grandfather. “You Are Wherever You Go” plays again at 01:17:00 when Nik flies a kite with Sebastiano (Francesco Cavallo).
  • “Piano Concerto N.1 Allegro Non Troppo Maestoso” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (00:26:00): Tesla asks Nik to turn his music down. The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack song continues as the siblings talk in a bathroom. Nik walks around nude.
  • “This Is Your Life” by Valerio Calisse (00:29:00): Carolina checks her phone at the home of Emma (Stella Egitto). Tesla posts notes on the family refrigerators. Caroline tries to reach her father.
  • “Letting It Flow” by Chiara Castiglione (00:53:00): Emma accepts a pizza invite from Nik. She is pleased to see that he has positively influenced Sebastiano. Tesla calls Carolina to deliver the good news.
  • “Sonata OP 27 N.2 (Al Chiaro Di Luna)” by Ludwig Van Beethoven (01:03:00): Nik plays the piano after a revelatory conversation with Sebastiano. Tesla wakes up and finds her brother and son performing the piece together.
  • “Your Brightness” by Renata Malinconico (01:13:00): The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack song scores a driving sequence. Sebastiano whispers to himself in Nik’s vehicle. He reveals that he’s talking to someone from Mars named Kelvin.
  • “Just Listen and Fly” by Letizia Pennacchini (01:23:00): Tesla prepares for a date. A singer performs at the beach. The song continues during a montage sequence.
  • “Mio Fratello Mia Sorella” by Marco Conidi (01:33:00): Nik decides to leave his new home. Tesla discovers her father’s last letter to her brother. The music fades as Nik reads a family mantra: “Life without music is like a family without love.” “Mio Fratello Mia Sorella” also plays during the end credits at 01:49:00.
  • “Sky Lift” by Chiara Castiglione (01:41:00): Tesla and Nik embrace at a hospital. The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack song plays over a visual of the protagonists’ empty home. Sebastiano wakes up in a hospital bed after a near-fatal accident.
  • “Born Again” by Octave Lissner (01:46:00): Sebastiano’s spirit speaks to his family members and Emma. He wonders if his physical self will wake up again. In a transitional sequence, Sebastiano and his family members spread Giulio’s ashes at the beach as the song closes out the movie.

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The My Brother, My Sister soundtrack also includes:

  • “Your Greatest Friend” by Valerio Calisse
  • “Pavane” by Gabriel Fauré
  • “This Duality” by Letizia Pennacchini.

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