Know the Cast: ‘My Brother, My Sister’

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The My Brother, My Sister cast features Alessandro Preziosi, Claudia Pandolfi and Stella Egitto. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Roberto Capucci’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

In My Brother, My Sister, a Roman woman named Tesla reunites with her estranged brother, Nikola. The siblings live together upon discovering that their late father gave them equal control of his apartment. Tesla wants to protect her family and daily routine, while Nikola wants to converse with his nephew and niece. Together, the protagonists try to resolve their differences. Here’s every main player in My Brother, My Sister.

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Alessandro Preziosi as Nik

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Alessandro Preziosi as Nik

Character Profile: A 50-year-old man who returns to his family home after two decades away. He lives a carefree lifestyle and bonds with his schizophrenic nephew. Nik pretends not to worry about the past yet regrets abandoning his sister and musical goals.

Preziosi’s Resume: Conte Fabrizio Ristori in Elisa di Rivombrosa (2003-05), Antonio Cantone in Loose Cannons (2010), Brunelleschi in Medici (2016), Andrea in Non mentire (2019), Elio Masantonio in Masantonio (2021)

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Claudia Pandolfi as Tesla

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Claudia Pandolfi as Tesla

Character Profile: Nik’s sister, a professional cellist. She’s the mother of two children and continuously stresses about what could go wrong. Tesla resents her brother because of past conflict but recognizes how he positively influences her schizophrenic son.

Pandolfi’s Resume: Rossana in Due partite (2009), Valeria Michelucci in The First Beautiful Thing (2010), Marina in When the Night (2011), Monica Petrelli Younes in Baby (2018-20), Rosa Puglisi in Chiamami ancora amore (2021)

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Stella Egitto as Emma

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Stella Egitto as Emma

Character Profile: Sebastian’s kind-hearted piano teacher. She’s also a good friend of Tesla’s daughter, Carolina. Emma bonds with Nik but realizes how their interactions negatively impact Sebastian.

Egitto’s Resume: Monica Vitale in Romanzo siciliano (2016), Teresa in At War with Love (2016), Rosaria Cutrera in Malarazza: una storia di periferia (2017), Iris in Code: Karim (2021), Maurizia Scalzi in Buongiorno, mamma! (2021)

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Ludovica Martino as Carolina

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Ludovica Martino as Carolina

Character Profile: Tesla’s daughter. She inherits a camper from her late grandfather and pursues a career in fashion design. Carolina hopes to connect with her estranged father.

Martino’s Resume: Emilia in Tutto può succedere (2015-18), Eva Brighi in SKAM Italia (2018-20), Camilla in Under the Riccione Sun (2020), Angela Raffaelli Santini in Security (2021), Stella in Luna Park (2021)

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Francesco Cavallo as Sebastiano

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Francesco Cavallo as Sebastiano

Character Profile: Tesla’s schizophrenic son. He wants to bring classical music to Mars and speaks to an imaginary friend. Sebastian changes his anti-social ways after several uplifting conversation with Nik.

Cavallo’s Resume: Feature Debut in My Brother, My Sister

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Caterina Murino as Giada

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Caterina Murino as Giada

Character Profile: Nik’s former girlfriend. She’s a married woman who seems unhappy. A third-act reveal informs audiences about Giada’s complicated relationship with Nik’s family.

Murino’s Resume: Léa in The Corsican File (2004), Solange in Casino Royale (2006), Sam in XIII: The Series (2011), Malvina in Voice from the Stone (2017), Elena in Il giudizio (2021)

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My Brother, My Sister Cast: Massimiliano Caprara as Federico

My Brother, My Sister Cast - Massimiliano Caprara as Federico

Character Profile: A will executor who appreciates the fact that the late Giulio named his children after Nikola Tesla. Federico gives Nik and Tesla off-the-record letters from their father.

Caprara’s Resume: Emiliano in Gas (2005), Salvatore Marrias in Don Matteo (2016), Michele Deruta in Rocco Schiavone (2016-), Giacomino in Daughter of Mine (2018)

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The My Brother, My Sister cast also includes Fausto Morciano (Deep Within, Dei), Giovanni Galati, Marina Elena Savino, Alberto Morelli, Halim “Ali” Abdul and Giorgia Crivello.

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