Know the Cast: ‘The Last Mercenary’

The Last Mercenary Cast - Jean-Claude Van Damme as Richard Brumère

The Last Mercenary cast features Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov and Samir Decazza. This article contains spoilers for the 110-minute Netflix film. Visit the Know the Cast section for more streaming guides. 

Now streaming on Netflix, The Last Mercenary follows a rogue military commander named Richard (Jean-Claude Van Damme) who protects his son from a French government conspiracy. The storyline revolves around a tech weapon known as The Big Mac, along with a Scarface-obsessed Prince who poses as the titular character’s son. Van Damme carries David Charhon’s 2021 film, but it’s Alban Ivanov who steals the show with his comedic performance as a bumbling government operative. See below for a Know the Cast breakdown of The Last Mercenary’s main players.

The Last Mercenary Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme as Richard Brumère

The Last Mercenary Cast - Jean-Claude Van Damme as Richard Brumère

Character Profile: A former Alpha Section mercenary/commander known as “The Mist.” After being abandoned during a 1995 Sudan incident, he went rogue and forced the government to give his child life-long immunity. In the present, Richard reunites with his son and exposes a government conspiracy.

Van Damme’s Resume: Frank in Bloodsport, Kurt Sloane in Kickboxer, Alex/Chad Wagner in Double Impact, Luc Deveraux in Universal Soldier, JCVD in JCVD

The Last Mercenary Cast: Alban Ivanov as Alexandre Lazare

The Last Mercenary Cast - Alban Ivanov as Alexandre Lazare

Character Profile: The son of government scapegoat who helps Richard identify the buyer of The Big Mac. Alexandre gets bounced around from side to side like a pinball, and provides comedic relief throughout The Last Mercenary.

Ivanov’s Resume: Samy in C’est la vie!, Attila in Best Intentions, Poutine in A Very Bad Friend 

The Last Mercenary Cast: Samir Decazza as Archibald Al Mahmoud

The Last Mercenary Cast - Samir Decazza as Archibald Al Mahmoud

Character Profile: Richard’s son who was raised by another man after his mother Farah’s death. He doesn’t fully understand his background, and comes to realize the truth about his government privileges. Archibald or “Archie” warms up to his father upon learning more details about the past.

Decazza’s Resume: Lionel Richie in Validé, Aziz in Narvalo, Le pâtissier in La Flamme

The Last Mercenary Cast: Assa Sylla as Dalila

The Last Mercenary Cast - Assa Sylla as Dalila

Character Profile: A psychology student who sells drugs to pay for school. She realizes that Richard is Archie’s birth father and repeatedly questions the decisions of Van Damme’s character.

Sylla’s Resume: Lady in Girlhood, Clara in Verdon Secret, Nora Cissoko in Mortel

The Last Mercenary Cast: Éric Judor as Paul Lesueur

The Last Mercenary Cast - Judor as Paul Lesueur

Character Profile: Alexandre’s subordinate who is revealed to be the son of Richard’s former Alpha Section colleague, Marguerite. He orchestrates a fraudulent scheme with the King of Taarghistan’s son, Simyon.

Judor’s Resume: Aymé Cesaire in H, Joe in Lucky Luke and the Daltons, Eric in Platane

The Last Mercenary Cast: Patrick Timsit as Major Jouard

The Last Mercenary Cast - Patrick Timsit as Major Jouard 

Character Profile: A military figure whose wife cheated on him with Richard in the past. He’s a sad clown figure who gets manipulated and ultimately shot in the climax.

Timsit’s Resume: Adrien in Pédale douce, Nounours in Le cousin, Quasimodo in Quasimodo d’El Paris, Bouzin in The Art of Breaking Up 

The Last Mercenary Cast: Miou-Miou as Marguerite

The Last Mercenary Cast - Miou-Miou as Marguerite

Character Profile: Richard’s former Alpha Section colleague. She provides assistance throughout the Netflix film but eventually reveals that she organized The Big Mac scheme with her son, Paul.

Miou-Miou’s Resume: Marie in F… comme Fairbanks, Marie in Memoirs of a French Whore, Christine Miroux in The Science of Sleep

The Last Mercenary Cast: Djimo as Momo

The Last Mercenary Cast - Djimo as Momo

Character Profile: A pro-marijuana resident of the Meaux projects in a Parisian suburb. Momo is Dalila’s brother and a getaway driver for Richard’s team.

Djimo’s Resume: A Comedian Known for Norman fait des vidéos, Rendez-vous chez les Malawas and Replay

The Last Mercenary Cast: Nassim Lyes as Simyon Novak

The Last Mercenary Cast - Nassim Lyes as Simyon Novak

Character Profile: The King of Taarghistan’s son who poses as Archibald. He mimics the behavior of Al Pacino’s iconic Scarface character, Tony Montana, and plots with Paul to acquire the The Big Mac.

Lyes’ Resume: Wilson in Blind Valley, Driss in Made in France, Zaher Ma’azi in The Spy, Cokeman in Passing Pécho: The Carrots Are Cooked


The Last Mercenary cast also includes Valérie Kaprisky (Breathless), Philippe Morier-Genoud (Au Revoir les Enfants), Michel Crémadès (Micmacs) and Ismaël Sy Savané (The Take), who co-wrote the Netflix film with the aforementioned Charhon.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.

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