‘That Sinking Feeling’ and a Very Scottish Heist

The get-rich-quick scheme is one of the great creative backbones of Hollywood. Cinema is overloaded with stories of plucky underdogs, sly grifters and the oddball ensembles they compile to pull off the crime of the moment. The heist is our most glamorized version of these crimes. Audiences have spent decades being enamored by well-dressed men in their slick cars with flawlessly labyrinthine plans. Even the grimier versions have a certain kind of allure to them, imbued with that near-primal notion that we, the viewer, would love to get in on the action. Christopher Nolan moved worlds and melded minds for his heists in Inception, while Michael Caine and the crew of The Italian Job made it impeccably cool, the embodiment of the 1960s Briti
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