Know the Cast: ‘Sleepaway Camp’

Sleepaway Camp Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 1983 Horror Movie

The Sleepaway Camp cast features Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten and Karen Fields. This info article contains minor spoilers for Robert Hiltzik’s 1983 movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

The 1983 horror movie Sleepaway Camp features an unforgettable lead performance, and certainly one of the horror genre’s most iconic final shots. American actress Felissa Rose stars as a quiet teenager named Angela, who struggles to make friends at a New York camp and then plots revenge against several bullies. Written and directed by Robert Hiltzik, the film didn’t necessarily produce any big-name stars, yet it’s still an enduring classic thanks to its availability on Shudder and other streaming platforms. Here’s every main performer and character in Sleepaway Camp.

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Felissa Rose as Angela

Felissa Rose as Angela in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: A timid teenager who attends Camp Arawak with a cousin. Angela doesn’t speak a word during the first three days but then warms up to a peer named Paul. In a final act twist, the character is revealed to be a boy who was raised as a girl.

Rose’s Resume: Elsa Lansing in Silent Night, Zombie Night, Carolyn The M.I.L.F. in Cerebral Print: the Secret Files, Kathleen in Victor Crowley, Angela in Return to Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Jonathan Tiersten as Ricky

Jonathan Tiersten as Ricky Thomas in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: Angela’s cousin who introduces her to potential friends at Camp Arawak. He lashes out at various people throughout the film, and rightfully so, as he and Angela are repeatedly mistreated. Ricky is accused of raping and murdering a woman named Judy in Sleepaway Camp’s final act, and then gets attacked by Mel.

Tiersten’s Resume: Ricky in Return to Sleepaway Camp, John Doesy in The Perfect House, Chris Laymon in The House That Wept Blood

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Karen Fields as Judy

Karen Fields as Judy in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: Ricky’s former “steady” girlfriend. She teases Angela throughout the movie and functions as the archetypal Mean Girl. Judy is eventually assaulted with a curling iron and suffocated to death.

Fields’ Resume: Sleepaway Camp is Fields’ only feature film role. She plays the title character in the 2014 short film Judy.

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Christopher Collet as Paul

in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: Ricky’s best friend of three years. He tries to impress Angela but ultimately fails miserably, evidenced by a climactic sequence in which he’s beheaded.

Collet’s Resume: Paul Stephens in The Manhattan Project, Gary Lee in Prayer of the Rollerboys, Albert Kaussner in The Langoliers, Councilman Schmidt in The Purge season 1.

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Mike Kellin as Mel

Mike Kellin as Mel Costic in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: A camp boss, Mel covers up an opening-act burning incident in order to protect the guests. He later makes even more questionable decisions, as he arranges for a date with Meg and then assaults Ricky before getting killed by an arrow.

Kellin’s Resume: Deputy Commissioner in Gold Told Me To, Mr. Hayes in Midnight Express, Leo in The Jazz Singer

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Katherine Kamhi as Meg

Katherine Kamhi as Meg in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: A camp counselor who lashes out at Angela. She’s aggressive but not as malicious as Judy. After scheduling a date with Mel, Meg is killed while taking a shower.

Kamhi’s Resume: Detective Hubbel in Dragnet, Lisa Kopek in Bones, Lina El-Masri in Castle, Cath Nardini in Get Shorty, Darla in Truth Be Told

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Paul DeAngelo as Ronnie

Paul DeAngelo as Ronnie Angelo in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: The muscular head counselor. Ronnie has good intentions but fails to protect teenagers at Camp Arawak. In the final scene, he discovers that Angela has a penis and killed Paul.

DeAngelo’s Resume: Paul in Silent Madness, Buddy in The Real Thing, Ronnie in Return to Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Thomas E. van Dell as Mike

Tom Van Dell as Mike in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: A camp bully who targets Angela. He is Kenny’s best friend and displays self-serving behavior. Mike survives the camp massacre.

Van Dell’s Resume: Theatre Patron in The Muppets Take Manhattan, Student in Heaven Help Us

Sleepaway Camp Cast: John E. Dunn as Kenny

John E. Dunn as Kenny in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: A camp bully who makes disparaging remarks about Angela. He’s a little more charismatic than Mike and enjoys receiving attention from his peers. Kenny eventually gets drowned and becomes the second victim.

Dunn’s Resume: Tad Martin in All My Children

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Loris Diran as Billy

Loris Sallahian as Billy in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: One of the camp’s jocks who fights with Ricky and teases Angela. He is later trapped in a bathroom and killed by bees.

Diran’s Resume: Drama Student in Fame

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Desiree Gould as Martha

Desiree Gould as Aunt Martha in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: Ricky’s doctor mother who takes care of Angela. She appears during the opening scene and wants to be commended for acts of kindness. It’s revealed that Martha raised her nephew Peter as a girl named Angela.

Gould’s Resume: Norma in Under Surveillance, Nurse Malliard in Tales of Poe

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Owen Hughes as Artie

Owen Hughes as Artie in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: The head chef at Camp Arawak who makes creepy statements about incoming guests. He later attempts to molest Angela and subsequently get severely burned in a boiling water incident.

Hughes’ Resume: Sleepaway Camp is Hughes’ only film role.

Sleepaway Camp Cast: Robert Earl Jones as Ben

in Sleepaway Camp

Character Profile: An easy-going and slightly-naive chef. Ben receives a raise after Artie gets burned and has to leave.

Jones’ Resume: Luther Coleman in The Sting, Buford in Cockfighter, Attendant in Trading Places, Custodian in Witness, Harry in Maniac Cop 2

The Sleepaway Camp cast also includes Willy Kuskin, Frank Trent Saladino, Susan Glaze, Dan Tursi and James Paradise (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

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