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Lovers Rock Movie Film

London Film Festival Review: Steve McQueen’s ‘Lovers Rock’

“‘Lovers Rock’ becomes something truly special whenever all sense of plot and character falls away entirely.”

Shame 2011 Movie - Body Horror Film Essay

Body Horror: Sex and Alienation in Steve McQueen’s ‘Shame’

“In an era of ever constant loneliness, where many people feel cut off from the human race, regardless of social media profiles or followers, ‘Shame’ feels as vital now as it did in 2011.”

A Lonely Breed: Sam Peckinpah’s Modern West(ern)

“Whenever they exist, wherever they roam, with this continuation of personality and principle, it is often as if Peckinpah’s characters were simply picked up from the past and dropped into another time, a time where the Western — and western — spirit remains.”

Widows Movie Review - 2018 Steve McQueen Film

House Heist: Steve McQueen’s Stylish ‘Widows’

“For many, McQueen’s stylishness will help excuse the rubbery plot holes, lapses in logic and farfetched surprises that might lead some to wonder how ‘Widows’ might have unfolded as a leaner, tighter operation.”

Widows Movie Review - 2018 Steve McQueen Film

TIFF 2018 Review: Steve McQueen’s ‘Widows’

“‘Widows’ offers the thrills and the feelings, the political and the sentimental corruption, the men but also, and especially, the women behind them, who will do anything for love, but won’t do that.”

‘Bullitt’ at 50: On Peter Yates’ Mastery of Visual Storytelling

“Yates delivers the message that our chosen professions and work environments define who we really are. One cannot successfully live a dual existence. Love requires the joining of oneself to another person as well as that person’s job.”

‘Indignation’ Has a Palpable Humanity to Its Fury

“Where Indignation deviates a little from its otherwise classical trappings is in its structure.”