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Disaster Film - The Towering Inferno Movie Film

The Disaster Area: From ‘Airport’ to ‘Airplane!’ – Part Two

Part Two of a Four-Part Disaster Movie Series by Bill Bria

Quatermass Essay

What a Way to Invade Earth: Science and Crisis According to Quatermass

“Quatermass is an eccentric antihero who presages Doctor Who in his singular disregard for established mores and the niceties of procedure…”

Disaster Movie - Airport

The Disaster Area: From ‘Airport’ to ‘Airplane!’ – Part One

“It is during the 70s that the disaster film’s most pure and admirable entries were made, bookended by two significantly different stories involving air travel fiascos.”

1920s World Cinema - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Spirit of Revolution: How World Cinema Defined the 1920s

“There is a danger and dynamism to 20s cinema which was gradually eradicated by the standardisation of production processes.”

The Mandalorian and Western Elements - TV Essay

Who Was That Masked Man: ‘The Mandalorian’ and Westerns

“A lot can be said about the aesthetics of ‘The Mandalorian’ as they relate to Westerns, but even more so can be said of the thematic elements that comprise the new series.”

London Korean Film Festival 2019

London Korean Film Festival: Seeking Family and Identity in Four Female-Directed Debuts

London Korean Film Festival: Serena Scateni on ‘Young-ju,’ ‘A Bedsore, ‘A Boy and Sungreen’ and ‘Yukiko’

Just Don't Think I'll Scream Documentary

Photographic Memory in Frank Beauvais’ ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’

“Beauvais does what the essay filmmaker ought do: he appropriates film to his own ends. The combination of words and pictures rings nary a false note.”

Gaspar Noe Essay - Climax Movie

Gaspar Noé: From Extremity to Sensation

“Noé’s work has always been concerned with errant self-expression, what happens when we are wrenched from sensation and how we adjust to the comedown.”

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl Essay - 2016 Movie

‘Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl’ and the Drawbacks of Nostalgia

weet, Sweet Lonely Girl Movie Essay: Logan Kenny on A.D. Calvo’s 2016 film starring Quinn Shephard and Susan Kellermann.

Movies, VHS Culture and Hard-To-Find Gems - East Lynne The Patriot The White Parade

That Title Is Currently Unavailable: Chasing the Hard-to-Find Movie

“Many can relate to the time-sucking dread of endlessly scrolling through options in search of something to watch, which has become the digital-era equivalent of scouring video store shelves for some tasty new treat or previously overlooked gem.”

Kill Bill Movie Essay - Quentin Tarantino Film

Once Upon a Time in Tarantinoland: ‘Kill Bill’ Is a Visually Explosive Love Letter to Cinema

“All in all, ‘the 4th film by Quentin Tarantino’ is a wild, eclectic action movie with visual flair, great performances and personality up the wazoo.”

Fight Like a Man: ‘Rocky III’

“There are things about ‘Rocky III’ that definitely raise eyebrows — its racial dynamics and maybe even its class politics — but ultimately it shows a fighter overcoming his opponent by reaching out to those around him and confronting the problems within.”

The Seductive, Puzzling Films of Nelly Kaplan

“With their uncomfortable blend of sexual politics, dark comedy, quirky star power and social and moral critique, it’s no wonder moviegoers didn’t know what to make of Kaplan’s satirical stories when they were first released.”

The Path to Nirvana: The International Pop Underground on Film

“What is perhaps most remarkable about the rise of Nirvana — and the industry’s hastily assembled appellation “alternative rock” — is the belief by many at the time that it had come from nowhere…”

Once Upon a Time in Tarantinoland: ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Is an Inventive, Whip-Smart Calling Card

Welcome to John Brhel’s “Once Upon a Time In Tarantinoland” — a look back at all eight of Quentin Tarantino’s feature films. First up: ‘Reservoir Dogs.’

A Lonely Breed: Sam Peckinpah’s Modern West(ern)

“Whenever they exist, wherever they roam, with this continuation of personality and principle, it is often as if Peckinpah’s characters were simply picked up from the past and dropped into another time, a time where the Western — and western — spirit remains.”

DAU: A Vade Mecum

“As much as DAU requires certain knowledge of XX-century history and arts, its key element is the subjective, the emotional, even the intrusion. And this can be the game changer the future needs.”

Fight Like a Man: ‘Rocky II’

“Films like ‘Rocky II’ age well because the moments that now seem anachronistic serve to shed light on problems we still have today, delivered by the kind of characters viewers can sympathise with, even if one doesn’t agree with all their opinions.”

The Mozart of Madras: Why A.R. Rahman’s Music Took So Long to Reach the West

“His songs and compositions are featured in commercials, sampled in TV shows, used at sporting events and play as ringtones on people’s cellphones. There isn’t a place in India where Rahman’s music hasn’t reached.”