Category: 2022 Film Reviews

Three Minutes: A Lengthening Documentary Review - 2021 Bianca Stigter Film

Time Machine: Bianca Stigter’s ‘Three Minutes: A Lengthening’

“Stigter’s direction transforms ‘Three Minutes: A Lengthening’ into so much more than a historical lesson on atrocity and genocide.”

The Last Ride of the Wolves Movie Review - 2022 Alberto De Michele Film

IFFR Review: Alberto De Michele’s ‘The Last Ride of the Wolves’

“More moralistic viewers might question if ‘The Last Ride of the Wolves’ is in reality glamorizing these men, but I think Di Michele is a couple of steps ahead, both embracing that glamorization and distancing the audience from it.”

The Last Thing Mary Saw Movie - 2021 Edoardo Vitaletti Film

Review: Edoardo Vitaletti’s ‘The Last Thing Mary Saw’

“Considering that religious fundamentalists continue to persecute gay people, it’s shortsighted to present a story like ‘The Last Thing Mary Saw’ with such little concern for the current real-life ramifications of being queer.”

Vandal Movie Review - 2013 Hélier Cisterne Film

Concealed Fury: Hélier Cisterne’s ‘Vandal’

“Cisterne poses important questions about adolescent identity and touches on the blossoming of artistic expression in ‘Vandal,’ but the concealed fury of each character ultimately remains an enigma (along with their understanding of the real world).”

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