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The Banana Splits Movie 2019 Movie - Film Review

‘The Banana Splits Movie’: A Bloody Horror Take on a Saturday Morning Favorite

“Esterhazy’s direction is consistently flat and uninspired given the nonstop opportunities for twisted weirdness, but the failure of ‘The Banana Splits Movie’ can be pinned almost entirely on the sawdust-packed script…”

Western Movie Essay - Little Big Man

The Western Enters the 70s – Part 4: The Iconoclast’s Dilemma

“Faced with the death of its utopian hopes, the remnants of America’s counterculture split into two tendencies: the pastoral and the criminal. Its despondency was turned inwards and outwards; one side sought to build alternative structures in line with a higher authority, while the other strove to rearrange the wreckage of the existing order.”

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