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John G. Avildsen Essay - Joe

Backlash: A Decade of John G. Avildsen

“Some of Avildsen’s men turn to violence. Some of them turn to crime. Some of them turn inward. All of them know that somehow, some way, they must turn. They cannot survive, let alone win, without surrendering some part of themselves.”

Mean Girls Movie Essay - 2004 Mark Waters Film

It’s Cool to Be Kind: ‘Mean Girls’ at 15

“‘Mean Girls’ might be a teenager itself now, but the movie’s popularity continues to grow as a whole new generation falls in love with its cast of crazy characters, messages of inclusion and impressively high joke rate.”

The Beach Bum Movie Review - 2019 Harmony Korine Film

Review: Harmony Korine’s ‘The Beach Bum’

“‘The Beach Bum’ is undoubtedly Harmony Korine’s friendliest movie, as the filmmaker tones down his Jean-Luc Godard meets John Waters envelope-pushing tendencies and alienating techniques, yet there’s still a lot of edge to be found in the film.”

I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians Movie Review - 2018 Radu Jade Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Radu Jude’s ‘I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians’

“‘I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History’ provides historical context of a brutal period not known to many, and facilitates a discussion of Romania’s pro-Nazi involvement in the Second World War. But narratively, Jude’s film achieves little.”

The Passage Movie Review - 2018 Kitao Sakurai Short Film

Clermont-Ferrand 2019 Short Film Review: Kitao Sakurai’s ‘The Passage’

“With a gorgeous vintage sheen across its 4:3 aspect ratio, Sakurai’s short establishes a magical realist land that magnifies the burgeoning diversity of America today – along with all the confusion, preposterousness and sudden violence that comes with it.”

Let the Sunshine In Movie Review - 2017 Claire Denis Film

A Heavenly Juliette Binoche ‘Lets the Sunshine In’ for Claire Denis

“The presence of Binoche in ‘Let the Sunshine In’ is a bit of brilliance that taunts and challenges the viewer; if Isabelle can’t find lasting, fulfilling tenderness and companionship, what chance do the rest of us have?”

Frank Henenlotter Movie Essay - 1988 Film Brain Damage

The Boundary-Pushing Comedy in Frank Henenlotter’s Films

“Frank Henenlotter and his films have the demeanor of a naughty uncle making wild, dirty jokes while telling a campfire ghost story. He wants you to take the material seriously, but he’s mostly concerned with you having a great time.”

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