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Western Movie Essay - High Plains Drifter

The Western Enters the 70s – Part 3: Expansion Pains

“The cowboy is an emissary of civilisation, enduring all the hardships the elements can throw at him to create a space in which civilised values can flourish unhindered. The symbolism of the cowboy is so potent that it continues to be invoked for political gain.”

Alien Movie Essay - 1979 Ridley Scott Film

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Is a 40-Year-Old Elevated Horror Masterpiece

“If ‘Alien’ came out today, it’d likely be hailed as some sort of genius elevated horror/prestige sci-fi movie. It’s an engrossing, pulse-pounding thriller with brains and a unique and stunning visual style. Forty years later, ‘Alien’ remains one of the best sci-fi AND horror films of all time.”

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