Know the Cast: ‘Photocopier’

Photocopier Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie Penyalin Cahaya

The Photocopier cast features Shenina Cinnamon, Lutesha and Chicco Kurniawan. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Wregas Bhanuteja’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Photocopier follows an Indonesian website designer name Sur. She is disowned by her father and loses financial aid after a social media scandal. Sur investigates various members of a theatre group called Meta Hari and uncovers a dark conspiracy. Here’s every main player in Photocopier, otherwise known as Penyalin Cahaya.

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Photocopier Cast: Shenina Cinnamon as Sur

Photocopier Cast - Shenina Cinnamon as Sur

Character Profile: A website designer. She receives a scholarship to a prestigious collegiate institution and loses funding after allegedly uploading compromising photos to a social media account. Sur examines surveillance footage to determine if she was drugged and/or set up.

Cinnamon’s Resume: Olala in Sabyan Menjemput Mimpi (2019), Rani in The Queen of Black Magic (2019), Marsya in Under the Age (2020), Tari in Geez & Ann (2021), Dinda in Kukira Kau Rumah (2021)

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Photocopier Cast: Lutesha as Farah

Photocopier Cast - Lutesha as Farah

Character Profile: Sur’s classmate, a confrontational senior. She is suspected of leaking party photos. Farah reveals a secret about an ex-boyfriend.

Lutesha’s Resume: Suki in My Generation (2017), Niki in Halustik (2018), Nona in Ambu (2019), Suci in Glorious Days (2019), Kristi in May the Devil Take You Too (2020)

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Photocopier Cast: Chicco Kurniawan as Amin

Photocopier Cast - Chicco Kurniawan as Amin

Character Profile: Sur’s classmate and Meta Hari colleague. He runs a printer and has fun with his work. Amin’s father offers to pay Sur’s tuition.

Kurniawan’s Resume: Aris in Pria (2017), Rino in Possesive (2017), Young Ben in Kenapa Harus Bule? (2018), Soleh in Detektif Soleh (2021), Damar in Love is a Story (2021)

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Photocopier Cast: Dea Panendra as Anggun

Photocopier Cast - Dea Panendra as Anggun

Character Profile: A Meta Hari director. She books a NetCar ride for Sur on the evening in question. Anggun tries to stay neutral while investigating contrasting claims made by her peers.

Panendra’s Resume: Novi in Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (2017), Bonita in Gundala (2019), Ayu in Glorious Days (2019), Mbak Sum in Just Mom (2021), Lastri in Makmum 2 (2021)

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Photocopier Cast: Jerome Kurnia as Tariq

Photocopier Cast - Chicco Kurniawan as Amin

Character Profile: Sur’s classmate and the initial suspect. Surveillance footage shows him putting drugs in his pocket. Tariq reveals that he takes medication that was prescribed by a therapist.

Kurnia’s Resume: Suurhoof in This Earth of Mankind (2019), Chicco Salim in Gossip Girl Indonesia (2020), Darius/Damian in Letter from Death (2020), Hafiz in A World Without (2021), Tristan in Love is a Story (2021)

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Photocopier Cast: Giulio Parengkuan as Rama

Photocopier Cast - Giulio Parengkuan as Rama

Character Profile: A playwright at Meta Hari. He claims that he left the focal party to photograph the Milky Way. Rama is linked to a conspiracy involving a NetCar driver.

Parengkuan’s Resume: Ical in Pertaruhan (2017), Anhar in Dilan 1990 (2018), Hasbi in The Queen of Black Magic (2019), Anhar in Milea (2020), Angga in Jingga dan Senja (2021)

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The Photocopier cast also includes Lukman Sardi (Rectoverso, A Diary of Letters to God), Ruth Marini (May the Devil Take You, 212 Warrior), Landung Simatupang (Golden Crane Warrior, Letter from Death), Rukman Rosadi (Skull, Yuni) and Mian Tara (Impetigore, Yuni).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.