Know the Cast: ‘Furioza’

Furioza Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2021 Movie

The Furioza cast features Mateusz Banasiuk, Weronika Ksiazkiewicz and Mateusz Damiecki. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Cyprian T. Olencki’s 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Furioza focuses on a territory war between rival hooligan gangs in Poland. A female detective enlists her former boyfriend to infiltrate his brother’s crew and provide details about an international drug trafficking operation. When a power-hungry hooligan makes a deal with a rival, the protagonists suffer the consequences. Here’s every main performer and character in Furioza.

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Furioza Cast: Mateusz Banasiuk as Dawid

Furioza Cast - Mateusz Banasiuk as Dawid

Character Profile: A doctor and former hooligan. He infiltrates a gang and believes that intel will help clear his brother’s name. Dawid teams up with his ex-girlfriend, a detective, and learns about the logistics of a drug trafficking operation.

Banasiuk’s Resume: Musicain in Big Love (2012), Kuba in Floating Skyscrapers (2013), Staszek in Strazacy (2016), Franek Palkowski in Barwy szczescia (2018-), Lieutenant Tadeusz Mróz in Spider’s Web (2021)

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Furioza Cast: Weronika Ksiazkiewicz as Ewa “Dzika” Drzewiecka

Furioza Cast - Weronika Ksiazkiewicz as Ewa "Dzika" Drzewiecka

Character Profile: Dawid’s ex-girlfriend, a detective. In the past, her brother died during a hooligan confrontation. Dzika targets two leaders of the Furioza crew and uses Dawid as her mole.

Ksiazkiewicz’s Resume: Anna in Zakrecone (2005), Lidia Banach in Lesniczówka (2018), Marysia Kowalska in Mayday (2020), Helena in Powrót do tamtych dni (2021), Natalia Milewska in Milosc jest blisko (2022)

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Furioza Cast: Mateusz Damiecki as Golden

Furioza Cast - Mateusz Damiecki as Golden

Character Profile: A Furioza leader. He’s an unpredictable man who is targeted by Dzika. Golden makes a deal with a rival gang leader; a plot to acquire more power.

Damiecki’s Resume: Pyotr Grinyov in Russkiy bunt (2000), Dr. Krzysztof Radwan/Darek in Na dobre i na zle (2003-), Michal Oleszuk in Egzamin z zycia (2005-08), Tomek in Krótka histeria czasu (2006), Blazej Nowicki in Przyjaciólki (2021-)

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Furioza Cast: Lukasz Simlat as Jacek Bauer

Furioza Cast - Lukasz Simlat as Jacek Bauer

Character Profile: Dzika’s boss at the Central Bureau of Investigations. He fully believes in the saying “Once a hooligan, always a hooligan.” Bauer despises local gangsters and mocks them during face-to-face conversations.

Simlat’s Resume: Stefan Kozlowski in Krew z krwi (2012), Jacek in United States of Love (2016), Jacek Sokolski in Amok (2017), Father Tomasz in Corpus Christi (2019), Adam Mika in The Mire (2021)

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Furioza Cast: Wojciech Zielinski as Kaszub

Furioza Cast - Wojciech Zielinski as Kaszub

Character Profile: Dawid’s brother and Golden’s business partner. He is Dzika’s secondary target who will theoretically lead her to a more powerful drug distributor. Kaszub believes that gangbanging always leads to death.

Zielinski’s Resume: Arkadiusz Cyganik in Odwróceni (2007), Janusz Cerat in Sluzby specjalne (2014), Agent Jan Tragosz in The Man with the Magic Box (2017), Wlodek in The Resistance Fighter (2019), Wojciech Zawieja in The Thaw (2022)

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Furioza Cast: Szymon Bobrowski as Mrowka aka Antman

Furioza Cast - Szymon Bobrowski as Mrowka aka Antman

Character Profile: Dzika’s top target, an international drug trafficker. He has an operation that extends to Great Britain and Ireland. Antman challenges Dawid to a traditional brawl and forces Golden to collaborate with him.

Bobrowski’s Resume: Hubert Kozinski in Na dobre i na zle (2003-05), Marcel Jaworski in Twarza w twarz (2007), Krzysztof Tarkowski in Instynkt (2011), Bronek in Krew z krwi (2012-15), Artur Zelazny in The Disappearance (2018-)

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Furioza Cast: Janusz Chabior as Polanski

Furioza Cast - Janusz Chabior as Polanski

Character Profile: Antman’s boss. He runs a drug port and owns the XOXO club. Polanski is targeted by Golden after a hooligan showdown results in death.

Chabior’s Resume: Jacek in Londynczycy (2008-09), Wiktor in Made in Poland (2010), Leon Berger in Komisarz Alex (2012-), Thin in I Am Lying Now (2019), Magi in How I Fell in Love with a Gangster (2022)

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The Furioza cast also includes Sebastian Stankiewicz (Mister T., Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight), Konrad Eleryk (Strazacy, Gejsza), Paulina Galazka (The Lure, A Young Man with High Potential) and Cezary Lukaszewicz (Loving VincentThe Thaw).

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