Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Furioza’

Furioza Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie

The Furioza soundtrack includes music by Das Moon, Sarius and Mosad. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Cyprian T. Olencki’s 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Furioza stars Mateusz Banasiuk as Dawid, a doctor who infiltrates his brother’s hooligan crew. Weronika Ksiazkiewicz co-stars as Dzika, a detective who uses her ex-boyfriend as a source while investigating an international drug trafficking ring. The storyline follows Dawid as he becomes fully immersed in a world of violence and manipulation. Composer Miro Kepinski (Lord Finn)  scored the 139-minute film, which includes several electro and hip-hop tracks. Here’s every song in Furioza.

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Furioza Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Movie

Furioza Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie

  • “City Will” by Das Moon (00:04:00): Dzika arrives at the XOXO club. The Furioza soundtrack song plays as she navigates the building. Golden (Mateusz Damiecki) watches the crowd with Polanski (Janusz Chabior).
  • “On the Beautiful Blue Danube Op.314” by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant & English Session Orchestra (00:34:00): Bauer (Lukasz Simlat) leaves the Furioza headquarters with Dzika. The music plays briefly after he sings.
  • “Ritz Carlton (Remix)” by PRO8BL#M & Vito Bambino (00:55:00): Mrówka aka Antman (Szymon Bobrowski) watches a drug deal from his balcony. He drives a vehicle and arrives at a safe house. The track plays again at 02:17:00 during the end credits.
  • “Firefly” by Maja Olenderek Ensemble (01:28:00): Dawid meets with Dzika at a restaurant. The Furioza soundtrack song plays in the background. Dzika reveals that she and Bauer tapped Golden’s phone.
  • “Najshajs” by Sarius feat. Rogal DDL (01:41:00): Golden cruises in his vehicle after killing Polanksi. The music scores a port montage. Golden howls while looking at the city horizon.
  • “Po Zielonej Trawie Pilka Goni” by No To Co (01:44:00): Golden enters his vehicle and drives. He arrives at a gym during a transition sequence. “Santa Claus” shows off a bag of money.
  • “Ultimo” by Organek (01:46:00): Antman drives in a vehicle. He sings and reads a text message. Dzika’s crew detains Antman.
  • “Grupa rzadzi miastem” by Mosad (01:51:00): The Furioza soundtrack song scores a raid sequence. Golden gets woken up by a female companion. The music plays at his apartment.

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The Furioza soundtrack also includes:

  • “Ogorek Wasaty” by Jaroslaw Kukulski
  • “Paprykarz” by Mateusz Schmidt
  • “Nie wiem” by Damian Magiera
  • “We mgle” by Damian Magiera
  • “Golden Flex” by Lukasz Pekacki, Adrian Galus
  • “All the Saints” by Andrzej Smolik, Kev Fox
  • DOM by Miro Kępiński, Michał Kowalonek

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