Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘The Hand of God’

The Hand of God Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Hand of God soundtrack includes music by Nadia Sirota, Sol Gabetta and Pino Daniele. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Paolo Sorrentino’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Based on the childhood of filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, The Hand of God stars Filippo Scotti as a Neapolitan teenager named Fabietto Schisa. Toni Servillo and Teresa Saponangelo co-star as the protagonist’s parents, Saverio and Maria, respectively. The coming-of-age story was scored by composer Lele Marchitelli (The Young Pope, Mare of Easttown), whose music complements a select group of needle-drop tracks. Here’s every featured song in The Hand of God, otherwise known as È stata la mano di Dio.

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The Hand of God Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Netflix Movie

The Hand of God Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie

  • “Étude 3” by Nadia Sirota (01:31:00): Fabietto walks through Galleria Toledo after losing his virginity to Baronessa Focale (Betti Pedrazzi). The music continues during a home sequence. Marchino (Marlon Joubert) spots a cigarette in his room and realizes that his brother must’ve had sex.
  • “1, Prayer” by Sol Gabetta (01:36:00): The Hand of God soundtrack song plays during a night scene. Fabietto hangs out with Armando (Biagio Manna) after a confrontation with locals. The music also plays at 01:53:00 when the protagonist speaks with Capuano (Ciro Capano).
  • “Holst: 3. Intermezzo: Andante con Moto, St. Paul’s Suite, Op. 29 No. 2, H118”  by Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (01:46:00): Marchino jumps into the sea near Mount Vesuvius. A ship sets sail during a night sequence. Fabietto watches Capuano’s latest film in a movie theatre; he’s thrilled by the experience after being present during production.
  • “Napule è” by Pino Daniele (02:02:00): Fabietto drowns out external noise en route to Rome. He listens to music while gazing out a train window. The Hand of God soundtrack song scores the final sequence and end credits.

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The Hand of God soundtrack also includes “Superfly Guy” by Pascal Gabriel and Mark Moore.

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