Know the Cast: ‘The Hand of God’

The Hand of God Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Hand of God cast features Filippo Scotti, Toni Servillo and Teresa Saponangelo. This info article contains minor spoilers for Paolo Sorrentino’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Set in 1980s Italy, The Hand of God follows a Neapolitan teenager named Fabietto. The boy enjoys time with his parents and brother while hoping that soccer star Diego Maradona will play for S.S.C. Napoli. After a familial tragedy, Fabietto is forced to look after himself and must decide if it’s worth beginning a new life elsewhere. Here’s every main performer and character in The Hand of God, a story inspired by the childhood of writer-director Paolo Sorrentino.

The Hand of God Cast: Filippo Scotti as Fabietto Schisa

The Hand of God Cast - Filippo Scotti as Fabietto Schisa

Character Profile: A student at Scuola Don Bosco Salesiani in Naples. He’s interested in philosophy but switches his attention to cinema after visiting a film set. Fabietto seeks true independence after a familial tragedy.

Scotti’s Resume: Marco in La gita (2018), Prince Henry in Il re muore (2020), Spirto in Luna Nera (2020)

The Hand of God Cast: Toni Servillo as Saverio Schisa

The Hand of God Cast - Toni Servillo as Saverio Schisa

Character Profile: Fabietto’s father. He recalls his experiences during World War II and theorizes about whether or not Diego Maradona will leave Barcelona to play soccer in Naples. Saverio tries to save his marriage after having an affair with a female colleague.

Servillo’s Resume: Titta Di Girolamo in The Consequences of Love (2004), Giulio Andreotti in Il Divo (2008), Franco in Gomorrah (2008), Jep Gambardella in The Great Beauty (2013), Silvio Berlusconi in Lolo 1 (2018)

The Hand of God Cast: Teresa Saponangelo as Maria Schisa

The Hand of God Cast - Teresa Saponangelo as Maria Schisa

Character Profile: Fabietto’s mother. She’s a prankster who dreams of living in a home with a fireplace. Maria repairs her marriage while looking after her aimless children.

Saponangelo’s Resume: Imma in In principio erano le mutande (1999), Chiara in Te lo leggo negli occhi (2004), Paolina Andrei in Rossella (2011-13), Maddalena Staineri in La dama velata (2015), Maria Serra in Il buco in testa (2020)

The Hand of God Cast: Marlon Joubert as Marchino Schisa

The Hand of God Cast - Marlon Joubert as Marchino Schisa

Character Profile: Fabietto’s brother. He auditions for a Federico Fellini movie and doesn’t believe that he has enough perseverance to leave Naples. Marchino offers emotional support to Fabietto while trying to find his way through life.

Joubert’s Resume: Todd Atwell in Almost Dead (Work in Progress) (2018), Cristian in Cattività (2018), Lausus in Romulus (2020), Feature Movie Debut in Hand of God

The Hand of God Cast: Luisa Ranieri as Patrizia

The Hand of God Cast - Luisa Ranieri as Patrizia

Character Profile: Fabietto’s unpredictable aunt. She suffers a miscarriage and experiences physical abuse from her husband. Patrizia gets institutionalized after making a suicide threat.

Ranieri’s Resume: Prisca in Basette (2006), Ninni in Gli amici del bar Margherita (2009), Chiara in Dark Love (2010), Isabella in Letters to Juliet (2010), Carmela Carrizzo in La vita promessa (2018-20)

The Hand of God Cast: Renato Carpentieri as Alfredo

The Hand of God Cast - Renato Carpentieri as Alfredo

Character Profile: Fabietto’s uncle. He says that he will kill himself if Maradona doesn’t play for Napoli. Alfredo believes that the “hand of God” saved Fabietto’s life after a mid-movie tragedy.

Carpentieri’s Resume: Console in Open Doors (1990), Commissario Viola in Puerto Escondido (1992), Vescovo in Don Matteo (2002), Pietro Lo Jacono in 80 mq – Ottantametriquadri (1993), Lorenzo in Tenderness (2017)

The Hand of God Cast: Massimiliano Gallo as Franco

The Hand of God Cast - Massimiliano Gallo as Franco

Character Profile: Patrizia’s husband. He’s an abusive man who suspects his wife of cheating. Franco asks Fabietto to visit Patrizia at a psychiatric facility.

Gallo’s Resume: Salvatore in Loose Cannons (2010), Luca Buglione in Perez. (2014), Gigi Scaglione in Anna (2015), Pietro De Ruggeri in Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor (2019-), Valerio Primic in Il silenzio grande (2021)

The Hand of God Cast: Betti Pedrazzi as Baronessa Focale

The Hand of God Cast - Betti Pedrazzi as Baronessa Focale

Character Profile: Fabietto’s neighbor. She’s a widow who was married to a gynecologist named Attilio. Baronessa Focale helps Fabietto “look to the future.”

Pedrazzi’s Resume: Levatrice in Il garofano rosso (1976), Amelia Priore in Sabato, domenica e lunedì (2004), Rosa in Le voci di dentro (2014), Elvira Gervasini in Thou Shalt Not Kill (2015), Angela in Figli (2020)

The Hand of God Cast: Sofya Gershevich as Yulia

The Hand of God Cast - Sofya Gershevich as Yulia

Character Profile: An actress at Galleria Toledo Theatre. She’s a provocative performer who intrigues Fabietto. Yulia leaves the stage during a show after being insulted by a director named Capuano.

Gershevich’s Resume: Masha in Elephants Can Play Football (2018), Melanie in Persian Lessons (2020)


The Hand of God cast also includes Enzo De Caro (Prima che sia troppo presto, The Teacher), Lino Musella (Gomorrah, Bad Tales), Biagio Manna (Lost and Beautiful) and Ciro Capano (The Count of Monte Cristo, Quello che le ragazze non dicono).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.