Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘King Richard’

King Richard Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie

The King Richard soundtrack includes music by N.W.A, Nina Simone and Stone Temple Pilots. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Reinaldo Marcus Green’s 2021 movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

King Richard stars Will Smith as American tennis coach Richard Williams. Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton co-star as the legendary athletes Venus and Serena Williams, respectively. The 2021 movie follows the Compton, California family as they attempt to overcome the odds during the early 90s. Composer Kris Bowers (Space Jam: A New Legacy) scored the film; music supervisor Susan Jacobs (Silver Linings Playbook) assembled the eclectic soundtrack. Here’s every featured song in King Richard.

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King Richard Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2021 Movie

King Richard Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie

  • “Get Me Back on Time, Engine Number 9 (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)” by Wilson Pickett (00:05:00): Richard cruises the streets of Compton. He arrives at a tennis facility with his daughters and their friends. The King Richard soundtrack song fades when a black vehicle rolls up.
  • “Bass” by King Tee (00:07:00): Music blasts from a black vehicle. The song continues as four males park in a white car.
  • “Appetite for Destruction” by N.W.A. (00:09:00): Richard approaches a group of young men. He asks them not to bother 16-year-old Tunde (Mikayla LaShae Bartholomew). The song plays from a vehicle as Richard gets punched in the stomach.
  • “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston (00:12:00): The Willliams girls arrive at home. They discuss a talent show and collectively sing the Whitney Houston classic (originally recorded by George Benson).
  • “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston (00:14:00): Richard speaks with Brandy (Aunjanue Ellis) about Venus’ talent. He jokes that their oldest daughter won’t be a successful singer. The Williams children vocalize in a back room.
  • “I Shall Be Released” by Nina Simone (00:15:00): Richard speaks with his kids. He says that they won’t have to sleep in the same room forever. The King Richard soundtrack song continues as Richard arrives at Samson Security and looks at a tennis magazine featuring Vic Braden (Kevin Dunn).
  • “Cissy Strut” by The Meters (00:17:00): Richard produces a video for Vic Braden. He meets with the tennis player and discusses a business opportunity.
  • “The Love You Gave” by Dolly Parton (00:27:00): Richard drives with Venus and Serena. He takes them to a new practice facility. Smith’s character states the most powerful person on earth is a woman who knows how to think.
  • “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama (00:40:00): Paul asks Venus and Serena if they want to play in the USTA Junior Tournaments. The King Richard soundtrack song scores a practice sequence in Westwood. The music fades as Smith’s character gives a pep talk to Venus.
  • “Main Title/Cinderella” by Cinderella Chorus (00:50:00): Richard holds a family meeting. They watch the Disney movie Cinderella. The children learn a lesson about being humble.
  • “California Dreamin'” by Bobby Womack (01:21:00): Venus and Serena read newspaper reports about their accomplishments. Richard watches news footage of the 1991 Rodney King beating by Los Angles police officers. The song continues as Venus and Serena participate in an event with former First Lady Nancy Reagan (Judith Chapman).
  • “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister (01:06:00): Richard visits with Venus and Serena at a pool. He wonders about the tab. The song cuts when Richard tells his daughters not to accept anything for free.
  • “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Rider (01:11:00): Rick Macci (Jon Bernthal) leads an evening tennis practice. He receives an urgent phone call from Richard. The King Richard soundtrack song fades as Bernthal’s character reaches out to Richard.
  • “Born Killer” by Scarface (01:13:00): Rick arrives in Compton. He’s confronted by local men. Richard vouches for his guest.
  • “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers (01:17:00): The Williams family signs a deal with Rick. They relocate to Florida. The song scores a road trip sequence.
  • “Only the Young” by Journey (01:18:00): Richard leads his family into Florida. They arrive at Rick Macci Tennis Academy. The King Richard soundtrack song scores a tennis facility scene.
  • “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots (01:21:00): Venus and Serena practice with Jennifer Capriati (Jessica Wacnik) in Florida. Richard chats with Rick. They discuss their professional collaboration.
  • “Welcome to Paradise” by Green Day (01:27:00): Rick trains with Venus. Serena inquires about Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. Rick hopes that Richard won’t “kill the messenger.”
  • “Perfect Combination” by Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill (01:32:00): Richard and his family return from Disney World. Rick watches from the street. The music cuts when the Williams family parks in their driveway.
  • “Be Alive” by Beyoncé (02:17:00): The King Richard soundtrack song scores an update about Venus and Serena Willams. The music continues during home video footage featuring Richard and his family.

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King Richard released in November 2019.

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