Know the Cast: ‘Dead & Beautiful’

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Shudder Vampire Movie

The Dead & Beautiful cast features Aviis Zhong, Gijs Blom and Yen Tsao. This info article contains minor spoilers for David Verbeek’s 2021 Shudder movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Dead & Beautiful follows a group of rich kids who wake up with vampire teeth. The characters retreat to a luxurious mansion and brainstorm about what to do next. When the group decides to drink human blood, all of the characters react differently to the experience. The 98-minute film includes several twists while providing a social commentary about “the new generation of wealth” and brand management. Here’s every main performer and character in Dead & Beautiful.

Dead & Beautiful Cast: Aviis Zhong as Lulu

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Aviis Zhong as Lulu

Character Profile: A member of the Wong Family. Her exact wealth is unknown. Lulu struggles with memories of the past, most notably the death of her father — a man who was accused of being a figurative vampire.

Zhong’s Resume: Flower in Secret (2007), Ni Ke in The Substitute (2017), Du Zi-Xin in Code 2 (2019), Mei-Yu in I WeirDO (2020), Tu Ai-Sha in The Wonder Woman (2020)

Dead & Beautiful Cast: Gijs Blom as Mason

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Gijs Blom as Mason

Character Profile: A member of the Van Der Bilt family. He studied economic theory at Harvard. In the present, he’s a self-proclaimed competitive Buddhist who hopes to evolve as an individual.

Blom’s Resume: Sieger in Boys (2014), Angelo Esposito in La Famiglia (2016), Rupert’s Boyfriend in The Death & Life of John F. Donovan (2018), Prince Viridian in The Letter for the King (2020), Marinus van Staveren in The Forgotten Battle (2021)

Dead & Beautiful Cast: Yen Tsao as Alexander

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Yen Tsao as Alexander

Character Profile: A member of the Tsai Family. He is close with Lulu and has a stoic demeanor. Alexander kidnaps a woman and embraces his vampire persona.

Tsao’s Resume: A-Yan/Xiao-Yu in Love in Vain (2015), Wang Jie in Shi zui zhe (2019), Yin Tzu-Hsiang in The Last Thieves (2019), Wang Jie in Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner (2019), Big Goose in Detective Chinatown (2020)

Dead & Beautiful Cast: Anechka Marchenko as Anastasia

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Dead & Beautiful Cast: Anechka Marchenko as Anastasia

Character Profile: A member of the Rublov Family. She is a vlogger who hires a shaman on Instagram to lead a group peyote experience. Anastasia struggles to connect with the outside world and thus embraces her new vampire persona.

Marchenko’s Resume: Feature Debut in Dead & Beautiful

Dead & Beautiful Cast: Cheng-En Philip Juan as Bin-Ray

Dead & Beautiful Cast - Cheng-En Philip Juan as Bin-Ray

Character Profile: A member of the Lo Family. He fakes his death in the opening act. Bin-Ray documents his experiences after waking up with vampire teeth.

Juan’s Resume: Feature Debut in Dead & Beautiful


The Dead & Beautiful cast also includes Shao-Yi Jiang, Jocelyn Kao, Kuie-Jhong Cheng, Pin-Zhen Lin and Ming-Shoiu Tsai.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.

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