‘The Five Juanas’ Season 2: What Happens Next for Matilde

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Matilde

Will Matilde move on from the past in The Five Juanas season 2? Portrayed by Juanita Arias, the Colombia-born character experiences emotional and physical abuse during the first 18 episodes of the Mexican Netflix series, but ultimately finds happiness thanks to supportive family members and a new love interest. Warning: spoilers below for The Five Juanas season 1.

Matilde faces several personal obstacles in The Five Juanas season 1. She’s a talented vocalist who worries about upsetting her jealous husband, Pocho (Carlos Athié). Matilde receives professional support from a gay club owner named Daniel (Ricky Del Real), only to discover that he’s actually her transgender birth mother. Arias’ character struggles to find her place in the world, primarily due to manipulative male characters such as her late father, Simón Marroquín (Carlos Ponce), and her sadistic grandfather, Rogelio (Fernando Becerril). By the end of The Five Juanas season 1, a Prince Charming emerges in the form of Jordi (Guillermo Zulueta), a hacker who blackmails Pocho into signing divorce papers. Jordi also helps expose Rogelio’s human-trafficking ring while Arias’ character makes amends with Daniel. Here’s what may happen with Matilde in new episodes.

The Five Juanas Season 2: Matilde Will Thrive As a Musician

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Matilde

The Five Juanas season 1 ending suggests that Matilde will soon become a famous singer. She’s now a single woman and can finally pursue her career goals with the support of Daniel, Jordi and her four sisters. Expect The Five Juanas season 2 to explore Matilde’s rise to fame and how she handles media exposure in Cancun and all throughout Mexico. As an actress, Arias excels at conveying Matilde’s highs and lows, her ecstasy and agony; there’s nothing quite like a big Matilde smile (or frown). She’s a heart-on-the-sleeve character, which could translate to dramatic performance moments in The Five Juanas season 2.

The Five Juanas Season 2: Jordi Will Protect Matilde From Fans and Bad Press

The Five Juanas on Netflix - Jordi

Jordi emerges as Matilde’s loyal protector and boyfriend near the end of The Five Juanas season 1. In new episodes, he’ll likely function as an online bodyguard who protects Arias’ character from both fans and the press. Jordi can shape Matilde’s public persona while simultaneously offering his services to Juana Valentina (Renata Notni), a journalist who rages against the machine in the Yucatan Peninsula. But now that Jordi has been identified by the press for his role in taking down Rogelio Marroquín, he could easily become a target for criminal underworld figures who want revenge.

The Five Juanas Season 2: What Pocho’s Disappearance Means for Matilde’s Career

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Matilde

The Five Juanas season 1 heavily implies that Víctor kills Pocho at the Marroquín family home. In fact, he even transports what appears to be a bagged-up corpse. So, it does indeed seem that Pocho won’t be returning for new episodes (unless there’s a huge twist in the works). Víctor’s whereabouts remain unclear, though, as he disappears after learning that he’s the half-brother of the five Juanas. So, Rogelio’s long-time fixer could be the narrative wildcard for The Five Juanas season 2.

What does Víctor want? Power? Family loyalty? Víctor’s knowledge of the criminal underworld suggests that he’s capable of running his own organization. If that happens, he may choose to distance himself from the five Juanas, unless they need his assistance. If anything happens to Jordi, then Matilde’s estranged half-brother could step in as a familial enforcer. However, Víctor’s presence in family operations could seriously affect the safety and well-being of his sisters, at least when considering his dirty deeds in the past. If the media learns that Matilde’s husband mysteriously died in her home, then that information could negatively impact her career. Then again, a scandal could oddly benefit Matilde’s pop culture persona in The Five Juanas season 2, at least if she can’t be directly linked to the crime itself.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.