‘The Five Juanas’ Season 2: What Happens Next for Valentina

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Valentina

What will happen to Juana Valentina in The Five Juanas season 2? During the Mexican telenova’s first 18-episode storyline, Renata Notni’s character falls in love with a craft beer entrepreneur named Federico aka Fede (Iván Amozurrutia); the characters begin a romantic relationship but then call it quits because of an unfortunate familial revelation. Valentina and Fede grapple with their inner desires all season long, but logic suggests that they should indeed part ways in future episodes. Warning: spoilers below for The Five Juanas season 1.

Valentina embraces chaos in The Five Juanas season 1. As a journalist, she investigates crime in the Yucatán Peninsula, most notably the activities of mayor Miguel Andrade. Valentina’s attention shifts to family concerns when she and four women randomly meet in Cancun and realize that they all share the same fish-like birthmark. The five Juanas identify politician Simón Marroquín (Carlos Ponce) as their birth father and subsequently learn that he has a 25-year-old son. Unfortunately for Valentina, she discovers that her love interest, Fede, is actually her half-brother. Still, this fact doesn’t stop the alleged siblings from exploring their urges, which at once complicates the rather disturbing subplot while setting up a crucial twist in The Five Juanas season 1 finale. Here’s a few ideas to consider about Valentina’s arc moving forward.

The Five Juanas Season 2: Valentina and Fede May Not Be Related

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Valentina

The Five Juanas season 1 finale reveals that Fede’s uncle Ignacio (Francisco Denis) is actually his birth father. This fact naturally crushes the series’ primary villain, Rogelio Marroquín (Fernando Becerril), who plots against his granddaughters during the final eight episodes and ultimately takes his own life upon being exposed as the leader of a human trafficking ring. As for Valentina and Fede, they don’t actually have an on-screen conversation about the Ignacio reveal during The Five Juanas season 1 finale. Instead, a climactic montage sequence shows them hooking up, which suggests that they’re not at all concerned about being related as cousins; however, it’s possible that Valentina and Fede may not be related at all.

When Rogelio gets arrested in The Five Juanas season 1 finale, Ignacio spews venom by stating “You’re left without a family, asshole. Federico is actually my son, not Simón’s.” Moments later, Fede learns the truth about his bloodline. Given that Rogelio seems absolutely devastated by his son’s revelation, it seems that Ignacio may know that he’s not a true Marroquin. After all, neither him nor Fede have the family birthmark. In that case, Fede can pursue a guilt-free romance with Juana Valentina. The question remains, though — how much do the characters know about Ignacio? Perhaps he is responsible for Simón’s death?

The Five Juanas Season 2: Valentina Could Be Exposed By a Fellow Journalist

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Valentina

In The Five Juanas season 2, a journalist may try to expose Valentina’s romance with Fede. Even if the lovers aren’t actually family members, someone could attempt to ruin their reputations by revealing the full extent of their relationship. If that happens, Valentina may be forced to work as an independent reporter, rather than a staff member for a prestigious outlet. Then again, she may already be developing her own online platform, thanks to inherited money and valuable police contacts. Valentina could even use her estranged brother, Victor (Mauricio Isaac), as a key source, one who knows all about Rogelio’s connections in the criminal underworld.

The Five Juanas Season 2: Valentina Should Team Up with Bautista

The Five Juanas Season 2 on Netflix - What Happens Next for Juana Valentina

Valentina may emerge as the unofficial leader of her family in The Five Juanas season 2. As of now, Manuela (Zuria Vega) seems focused on being an entrepreneur, while Matilde (Juanita Arias) seems invested in her music career. And even though Caridad (Oka Giner) displays strength and values practical thinking, she finds inner peace through her blossoming relationship with Lorenzo (Jorge Antonio Guerrero). In new episodes, Valentina could potentially lead a new investigation (presumably about the sixth Juana, who appears in the final moments of season 1) and rely on her sister Bautista’s (Sofia Engberg) ability to see the future as a clairvoyant.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.