Know the Cast: ‘Prey’

Prey Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the 2021 Netflix Movie

The Prey cast features David Kross, Maria Ehrich and Hanno Koffler. This info article contains spoilers and character details for the 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Prey follows a group of five male hikers who are hunted in the woods. Brothers Roman and Albert lead their friends through the forest while discussing their personal and professional lives. One by one, the men are gunned down by a traumatized woman. Here’s every main performer and character in Prey, a 2021 movie by writer-director Thomas Sieben.

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Prey Cast: David Kross as Roman

Prey Cast on Netflix - David Kross as Roman

Character Profile: A hiker who roams the woods with his older brother and business colleague, Albert. He learns that his wife had an affair with his sibling. Roman survives the forest nightmare.

Kross’ Resume: Michael Polischka in Tough Enough (2006), Young Michael Berg in The Reader (2008), Gunther in War Horse (2011), Obergefreiter Josef Schwartz in Into the White (2012), Viktor Steiner in Rising High (2020)

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Prey Cast: Hanno Koffler as Albert

Prey Cast on Netflix - Hanno Koffler as Albert

Character Profile: Roman’s older brother, a business man. He is shot in the woods by Eva. Albert dies from his wounds.

Koffler’s Resume: Malte in Summer Storm (2004), Lehmann in The Red Baron (2008), Marc Borgmann in Free Fall (2013), Günther Preusser in Never Look Away (2018), Jürgen Becker in Dark Woods (2020)

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Prey Cast: Maria Ehrich as Eva

Prey Cast on Netflix - Maria Ehrich as Eva

Character Profile: The woman who hunts the five male leads. It’s revealed that a drunk hiker accidentally shot and killed her young daughter. Eva leaps to her death from a cliff after being tracked down by Roman.

Ehrich’s Resume: Marietta in My Brother Is a Dog (2004), Gwendolyn Shepherd in Ruby Red (2013), Gwendolyn Montrose in Sapphire Blue (2014), Gwendolyn Shepherd in Emerald Green (2016), Helga von Boost in Ku’damm 63 (2021)

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Prey Cast: Robert Finster as Peter

Prey Cast on Netflix - Robert Finster as Peter

Character Profile: A member of the focal hiking group. He is upset about investing money in Albert’s business. Peter gets shot and killed by Eva.

Finster’s Resume: Ein Kiffer in The Way to Live (2011), Pietschi Mordelt in My Brother’s Keeper (2014), Obermetzler in Walking on Sunshine (2019), Sigmund Freud in Freud (2020), David in Tribes of Europa (2021)

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Prey Cast: Yung Ngo as Vincent

Prey Cast on Netflix - Yung Ngo as Vincent

Character Profile: Arguably the most scared member of the hiking group. Vincent calms down as the group approaches a convenience store. He is then shot and killed by Eva.

Ngo’s Resume: Kim Nguyen in Wishlist (2016-18), Lee Kwon in Einstein (2017-19), Karsten Nguyen in Dogs of Berlin (2018), Van in You Are Wanted (2018), Thomas Brandner in SOKO Potsdam (2018-)

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Prey Cast: Klaus Steinbacher as Stefan

Prey Cast on Netflix - Klaus Steinbacher as Stefan

Character Profile: A biology teacher who impresses the group with his woodsman skills. He visited the forest as a child with his father. Eva kills Stefan at the end of the first act.

Steinbacher’s Resume: Basti in Heavyweights (2006), Costa Siantos in Fluch des Falken (2011-12), Josef Wolf in Das Boot (2018), Roman Hoflinger in Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood (2020), Carlo in Intermezzo (2021)

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Prey Cast: Livia Matthes as Lisa

Prey Cast on Netflix - Livia Matthes as Lisa

Character Profile: Roman’s wife, a graphic designer. She appears in flashback scenes. Roman learns that Lisa had an affair with Albert.

Matthes’ Resume: Livia in Looking for Eimish (2012), Sabine Faber in X Company (2015-17), Samira in Godless Youth (2017), Nikki in We Are the Wave (2019), Livia Verhoven in Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation (2020-21)

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Prey Cast: Nellie Thalbach as Jenny

Prey Cast on Netflix - Nellie Thalbach as Jenny

Character Profile: A convenience store clerk. She informs the group that hikers often get lost during the winter. Jenny is killed moments later by Eva.

Thalbach’s Resume: Liz in Maria an Callas (2006), Billy Badger in Raven, the Little Rascal (2016), Alexandra Bremer in SOKO Wismar (2019), Wanja Kostova in In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte (2020), Clara in Julia muss sterben (2020)

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The Prey cast also includes Natalie Fischer, Tim Haberland and Patrick Richter.

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