Know the Cast: ‘Je Suis Karl’

Je Suis Karl Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the 2021 Movie

The Je Suis Karl cast features Luna Wedler, Jannis Niewöhner and Milan Peschel. This info article contains minor spoilers for the 2021 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Je Suis Karl follows a Berlin woman who survives a terrorist attack. She considers joining a movement known as Re/Generation Europe, and learns about the organization’s far-right philosophies in Prague. Written by Thomas Wendrich and directed by Christian Schwochow, the film explores a young man’s willingness to deceive the public in order to force political change throughout Europe. Here’s every main performer and character in Je Suis Karl.

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Luna Wedler as Maxi

Je Suis Karl Cast - Luna Wedler as Maxi

Character Profile: A German woman who survives a terrorist attack in Berlin. She’s angered by the deaths of her mother and twin brothers, and subsequently joins a far-right group in Prague. There, Maxi learns that the Re/Generation Europe leaders plan to mislead the public in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Wedler’s Resume: Mia in Blue My Mind (2017), Roxy in The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (2018), Jessica in Close to the Horizon (2019), Mia Akerlund in Biohackers (2020-), Zoé in Soul of a Beast (2021)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Jannis Niewöhner as Karl

Je Suis Karl Cast - Jannis Niewöhner as Karl

Character Profile: The Re/Generation Europe spokesperson who befriends Maxi. He wants to lead a revolution of knowledge, and will sacrifice his life for the greater good. Karl is the mastermind of a plan that extends from a Berlin terrorist attack to a public murder in Strasbourg.

Niewöhner’s Resume: Gideon de Villiers in Ruby Red (2013), Jonathan in Jonathan (2016), Zach in Godless Youth (2017), Armando in Berlin Station (2017), Nicky Simsek in Mute (2018)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Milan Peschel as Alex Baier

Je Suis Karl Cast - Milan Peschel as Alex Baier

Character Profile: Maxi’s father. He survives a terrorist attack that kills 16 people, including his wife and twin sons. Alex reunites with his daughter in Strasbourg and attempts to understand her motivations for joining a revolutionary organization.

Peschel’s Resume: Frank Lange in Stopped on a Track (2011), Freytag in The Captain (2017), School of Magical Animals in Preis der Freiheit (2019), Karl Eckhoff in Altes Land (2020), Mortimer Morrison in School of Magical Animals (2021)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Anna Fialová as Jitka

Je Suis Karl Cast - Anna Fialová as Jitka

Character Profile: Karl’s Summer Academy colleague. She is described as “the smartest woman in the Czech Republic.” Jitka provides misleading on-camera testimonies for her organization.

Fialová’s Resume: Julie Vlcková in Vinari (2014), Woman Sniper in The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017), Anna Kolumná in Mordparta (2016-17), Irena Valentová in The First Republic (2017), Daniela in Zahradnictví (2018)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Fleur Geffrier as Odile Duval

Je Suis Karl Cast - Fleur Geffrier as Odile Duval

Character Profile: A French politician with a bad reputation. She’s the author of a book entitled “The Situation for a World with a Future.” Odile speaks at a climactic event in Strasbourg and becomes a key figure in a far-right European revolution.

Geffrier’s Resume: Serveuse in Elle (2016), Marion in Mr & Mme Adelman (2017), Erika Personnaz in The Chalet (2017-18), Margot Bostal in Das Boot (2018-20), Jeanne Granger in Super Jimmy (2019)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Aziz Dyab as Yusuf

Je Suis Karl Cast - Aziz Dyab as Yusuf

Character Profile: A student who lived with Maxi and Alex for two years in Berlin. He changes his name in order to seem “less Arabic.” Yusuf reconnects with Maxi in the final act.

Dyab’s Resume: Salim in Unorthodox (2020), Mehdi Zakani in Leipzig Homicide (2020), Karim in Copilot (2021)

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Je Suis Karl Cast: Marlon Boess as Pankraz

Je Suis Karl Cast - Marlon Boess as Pankraz

Character Profile: Karl’s colleague from Vienna. He wonders why Germans haven’t reacted more strongly to the Re/Generation Europe movement. Pankraz plots with Karl to incite a European revolution.

Boess’ Resume: Snowboarder in Spectre (2015), Street Musician in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015), Sulzer in Beautiful Girl (2015), Luco in Barbarians (2020), Oliver Stöhr in Murder by the Lake (2020)

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The Je Suis Karl cast also includes Edin Hasanovic (Shifting the Blame, You Are Wanted), Victor Boccard (Aline, La Petite Femelle), Mélanie Fouché (Tatort, Air), Elizaveta Maximová (Polda, Herec) and Valery Tscheplanowa (Speed Racer, Son of Sofia).

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