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Resort to Love Soundtrack on Netflix - Christina Milian as Erica King

The Resort to Love soundtrack includes numerous songs by the lead actress Christian Milian. This info article contains spoilers for the 2021 Netflix film. Check out more streaming guides in the Soundtracks of Cinema section.

In Resort to Love, Christina Milian stars as a wedding singer named Erica who reconnects with her ex-fiancee, Jason (Jay Pharoah), before his wedding in Mauritius. She’s forced to confront unresolved issues from the past, and subsequently develops a relationship with her ex’s war veteran brother, Caleb (Sinqua Walls). Supervised by Sarah Bromberg (Woke) and Stephanie Diaz-Matos (Little Voice), the Resort to Love soundtrack features a blend of island tracks and cover songs. Here’s how the collective music is used in Steven K. Tsuchida’s romantic comedy.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Experience” by Victoria Monét with Khalid and SG Lewis (00:00:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Experience" by Victoria Monét with Khalid and SG Lewis

Resort to Love begins with “Experience” playing over a Manhattan cityscape montage. DJ Teddy P hypes an exclusive listening party for the new Cre album, which proves to be a disastrous event for the film’s protagonist, Erica. The song complements glamorous close-up visuals of Milian’s character as she prepares for an evening party.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Body Pump” by Aluna (00:02:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Body Pump" by Aluna

After receiving some much-needed life advice from a friend, Erica arrives at Cre’s listening party and carries herself with confidence. “Body Pump” is mostly used as a background club track, which fades away as Milian’s character thanks her friend for sharing Instagram videos online.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “No One” by Christina Milian (00:04:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "No One" by Christina Milian

Originally recorded by Alicia Keys (one of the film’s producers), “No One” is performed early on by a street musician. Erica asks the woman to stop playing because the track was supposed to be her wedding song. In a flashback sequence, Milian’s character sings “No One” at her fiancee Jason’s birthday party. She later performs the song again at 01:30:00 in Resort to Love.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Kifer to Pale Dense” by Jason Heerah and Otenik Groove (00:09:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Kifer to Pale Dense" by Jason Heerah and Otenik Groove

“Kifer to Pale Dense” kicks in during Resort to Love when Erica arrives at Mauritius. She’s greeted by a local named Barrington (T.J. Power), who subsequently transports her to the hotel. The songs plays over an island montage and during a conversation between the aforementioned characters.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Christina Milian (00:14:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Body Pump" by Aluna

Erica performs the Dirty Dancing classic at a wedding reception in Mauritius. She cries throughout the song and startles the audience with her demeanor. The positive message of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” comedically contrasts with Erica’s public fail.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “I Will Survive” by Christina Milian (00:16:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "I Will Survive" by Christina Milian

After a heart-to-heart conversation with Barrington, Erica regains her confidence by focusing on a song that makes her feel good. She performs the disco classic “I Will Survive,” a song that encapsulates her story throughout Resort to Love. Gloria Gaynor originally recorded the 1978 hit.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Green” by KAINA (00:23:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Green" by KAINA

In Resort to Love, “Green” scores the moment when Erica meets Caleb for the second time. She roams through her hotel and spots an August 2019 issues of The New Yorker, just before she is surprised by Walls’ character. The lyric “grass could be green” foreshadows a future romance.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Find Someone Like You” by Christina Milian (00:45:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Find Somebody Like You" by Christina Milian

When Jason realizes that he might’ve made a mistake by leaving Erica, he broods and stares at her during a live performance of Snoh Aalegra’s “Find Someone Like You.” The song’s themes align with the perspective of Pharoah’s character, who ultimately accepts some harsh truths about his former fiancee.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Super Bass” by Christiani Pitts (00:49:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Super Bass" by Christiani Pitts

In a comedic moment, Beverly sings a karaoke version of Nicki Minaj’s hit single. It’s an impressive live performance in Resort to Love, one that makes Erica smile and allows her to better appreciate her ex-boyfriend’s fiancee. “Super Bass” reached #3 on the Billboard charts in 2011.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Christina Milian (00:52:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Christina Milian

Erica performs “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” during a performance spotlight in Resort to Love. By this moment, she’s beginning to have strong feelings for Caleb but doesn’t necessarily realize that Jason hasn’t fully moved on from the past. Meghan Trainor originally released the song in 2016.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Dance in Place (Treasure Fingers Remix)” by CLAVVS (00:54:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Dance in Place (Treasure Fingers Remix)" by CLAVVS

“Dance in Place (Treasure Fingers Remix)” scores a club sequence in Resort to Love. As wedding guests groove to the music, Erica receives a text from Jason. She then leaves to privately meet with her ex-fiancee.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Jeryl Prescott Gallien (01:06:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - Jeryl Prescott Gallien

In another comedic moment, Jason’s mother, Naomi, performs “Wind Beneath My Wings” at a dinner event. She embarrasses her children but feels inspired to sing in order to convey the most appropriate words. Bette Midler originally recorded the song for the 1988 film Beaches.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Lemonade” by Brooke Alexx (01:29:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Lemonade" by Brooke Alexx

“Lemonade” plays during a climactic wedding sequence in Resort to Love. It can be heard just as Beverly and Jason share their first kiss as a married couple. The chorus line “You taste like lemonade” correlates with the couple’s happiness.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Better Than This” by Evie Irie (01:33:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Better Than This" by Evie Irie

As Resort to Love ends, Erica passes on a music opportunity to enjoy some beach time with her new boyfriend, Caleb. She states that she’s about to “take another leap” and jumps from a cliff into the ocean. As the song title suggests, Erica realizes that she’s found true happiness.

Resort to Love Soundtrack: “Soley Pou Leve” by Justice Lecoq (01:33:00)

Resort to Love Soundtrack - "Soley Pou Leve" by Justice Lecoq

Resort to Love concludes with a black and white screenshot of Caleb and Erica swimming and laughing. “Soley Pou Leve” then plays over the end credits, with the song underscoring the island vibe of the Netflix film.


The Resort to Love soundtrack also includes “To Pu Dance” by Atif Afzal (A-Zal) and “Go Where It Takes Us” by J-Rob MD.

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