Know the Cast: ‘Resort to Love’

Resort to Love Cast on Netflix - Christina Milian and Sinqua Walls

The Resort to Love cast includes Christina Milian, Sinqua Walls and Jay Pharoah. This info article contains spoilers for the 101-minute Netflix film. Take a look at more streaming guides in the Know the Cast section.

Resort to Love stars Christian Milian as a New York City musician named Erica who attempts to recover from a break-up and failed business opportunity. Upon reluctantly accepting a wedding singer gig across the world in Mauritius, she’s shocked to learn that her ex-fiancee just arrived on the island for his wedding. Despite the slightly-absurd premise, Resort to Love features an endearing lead performance from Milian, who sings numerous cover songs throughout Steven K. Tsuchida’s 2021 Netflix film. Here’s a Know the Cast guide to complement your streaming experience.

Resort to Love Cast: Christina Milian as Erica Wilson

Resort to Love Cast on Netflix - Christina Milian as Erica King

Character Profile: A New York City musician who accepts a wedding singer job in Mauritius after a career opportunity goes horribly wrong. She becomes even more stressed upon learning that her ex-fiancee, Jason, is scheduled to get married on the island. Erica ultimately accepts that she fell in love with her career while dating her ex, which allows her to pursue a healthy romance with Jason’s brother, Caleb.

Milian’s Resume: A Grammy Award-Nominated Musician — Also, Paris Morgan in Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Linda Moon in Be Cool, Anne in Man of the House, Gabriella in Falling Inn Love

Resort to Love Cast: Sinqua Walls as Caleb King

Resort to Love Cast - Sinqua Walls as Caleb King

Character Profile: Jason’s brother who rescues Erica in the Indian Ocean. He’s a war veteran who struggles with mental issues after an injury ended his military career. Caleb flirts with Erica but also keeps a safe distance. The two characters hook up when Jason finally moves on from the past.

Walls’ Resume: Daniel in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Paris Morgan in Teen Wolf, Sir Lancelot in Once Upon a Time, Shawn in Power, American Soul in American Soul

Resort to Love Cast: Jay Pharoah as Jason King

Resort to Love Cast - Jay Pharoah as Jason King

Character Profile: A banker who called off his wedding to Erica and moved to Charleston. In Mauritius, Jason appears nervous and awkward, as he clearly still has feelings for his ex-fiancee. Pharoah’s character reflects about the past and wisely shifts his attention to his bride-to-be, Beverly.

Pharoah’s Resume: A Saturday Night Live Alum — Also, Runflat in Ride Along, Floyd Mooney in White Famous, Nate Hoffman in Unsane, Noah in The Mitchells vs the Machines

Resort to Love Cast: Alexander Hodge as Christian

Resort to Love Cast - Jay Pharoah as Jason King

Character Profile: The archetypal Loose and Relaxed Groomsman. Alexander maintains a chill demeanor throughout Resort to Love, and casually discusses his $6,000 alcohol purchase. He’s a well-meaning character who helps Jason find clarity.

Hodge’s Resume: Andrew Tan in Insecure, Philky in Black Lightning, Kaz in Milkwater

Resort to Love Cast: Christiani Pitts as Beverly

Resort to Love Cast - Christiani Pitts as Beverly

Character Profile: Jason’s charismatic fiancee. She smiles during the majority of Resort to Love, except when her future mother-in-law performs “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and when she discovers the truth about her fiancee’s past romance with Erica. By the end, Beverly decides to get married after having some heart-to-heart conversations.

Pitts’ Resume: Allison in Elementary, Annie Commerce in Evil, Melanie Evers in The Good Fight

Resort to Love Cast: Karen Obilom as Janelle Strattford

Resort to Love Cast - Karen Obilom as Janelle Strattford

Character Profile: Beverly’s stylish sister who attends various wedding events. She’s a minor character who provides emotional support for the focal wedding couple. Janelle is a motivated entrepreneur whose demeanor contrasts with the main protagonists.

Obilom’s Resume: Antoinette in Insecure, Zaire Dupre in NCIS: New Orleans, Nia in Games People Play, Roni Evers in Doom Patrol

Resort to Love Cast: Tymberlee Hill as Amber

Resort to Love Cast - Tymberlee Hill as Amber

Character Profile: Erica’s New York City friend who promotes her on social media. She also helps Milian’s character land a wedding singer job in Mauritius. In the third act, Amber offers more industry advice to Erica, who decides to invest time in her personal life with Caleb.

Hill’s Resume: Intern Claire in Grey’s Anatomy, Phe Phe Reed in The Hot Wives of Orlando, Kay in Marry Me, Joy Hartman in Search Party


The Resort to Love cast also includes Jeryl Prescott Gallien (The Walking Dead), Kayne Lee Harrison (The Dark Knight Rises), T.J. Power (Eat Pray Love), Sylvaine Strike (District 9) and Pope Jerrod (Safe House).

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