Review: Jeanne Leblanc’s ‘Les nôtres’

A stunning and suffocating Quebecois drama, Les nôtres spotlights the exquisite directorial form of filmmaker Jeanne Leblanc and the industry potential of lead actress Emilie Bierre. When a teenage girl becomes pregnant, she conceals the facts from her family and friends. Through prolonged silence and tightly-framed close ups, Les nôtres peers into the mind of a pessimistic youth. Les nôtres stars Bierre as Magalie Jodoin, a 13-year-old who discovers that she's in the second trimester of a pregnancy. Everyone assumes that it's the result of a casual fling with local boy Manuel (Léon Diconca Pelletier), but it's quickly revealed that the town's Mayor, Jean-Marc Ricard (Paul Doucet), is the actual father. Rather than outing the pr
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