Know the Cast: ‘Reacher’

Reacher Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Amazon Series

The Reacher cast features Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin and Willa Fitzgerald. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Nick Santora’s Amazon series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Reacher season 1 follows a decorated U.S. war veteran who investigates his brother’s murder in Georgia. The titular protagonist arrives in the American South to learn about the blues singer Blind Blake, and then teams up with local police officers to take down a corrupt politician. The storyline explores the link between a Georgia businessman and South American criminals. Here’s every main player in Reacher season 1, an adaption of Lee Child’s 1997 franchise novel Killing Floor.

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Reacher Cast: Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher

Character Profile: A retired U.S. Army major. He is a blues aficionado who researches the musician Blind Blake in Georgia. Jack raises hell upon learning about the murder of his brother.

Ritchson’s Resume: Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State (2010-11), Gloss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Franchise (2014-16), Paul in Black Mirror “Nosedive” (2016), Hank Hall/Hawk in Titans (2018-21)

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Reacher Cast: Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay

Character Profile: The chief detective in Margrave, Georgia. He initially confronts Jack about his motivations and then learns to appreciate the former soldier. Oscar constantly spins his wedding ring and hides a key piece of information about his marriage.

Goodwin’s Resume: Jimmy Zee in American Gangster (2007), Higgins in Miracle at St. Anna (2008), Shea Daniels in Breakout Kings (2011-12), Clive Babineaux in iZombie (2015-19), Taxi Tommy in Not Quite College (2021)

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Reacher Cast: Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin

Character Profile: A Margrave police officer. She immediately befriends Jack upon learning about his impressive military resume. Roscoe is a tough female officer in a community full of manipulative men.

Fitzgerald’s Resume: Emma Miller in Royal Pains (2014), Emma Duval in Scream: The TV Series (2015-16), Meg March in Little Women (2017), Lynn in Blood Money (2017), Colette French in Dare Me (2019-20)

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Reacher Cast: Chris Webster as KJ

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Chris Webster as KJ

Character Profile: A Margrave local who taunts Jack. He’s the son of a wealthy businessman. KJ plots against investigators and his own family.

Webster’s Resume: Young Harry in Hidden (2011), John Champe in TURN: Washington’s Spies (2017), Mansur Recruit Video in American Assassin (2017), Andrew in Relationship Status (2017), Nixon in Most Dangerous Game (2020)

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Reacher Cast: Bruce McGill as Grover Teale

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Bruce McGill as Grover Teale

Character Profile: The Margrave mayor and new chief of police. He displays passive-aggressive behavior and keeps a close eye on Jack. Grover consistently threatens to fire Detective Finlay.

McGill’s Resume: Daniel Simpson Day in National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), Ron Motley in Timecop (1994), Ron Motley in The Insider (1999), Jonas Cantrell in Law Abiding Citizen (2009), Bobby Spencer in The Crew (2021)

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Reacher Cast: Maria Sten as Frances Neagley

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Maria Sten as Frances Neagley

Character Profile: Jack’s colleague. She’s a trusted criminal informant who helps locate a key witness. Frances has 10 years experience in a special investigation unit.

Sten’s Resume: Terry in Persuasion (2015), Girlfriend in Straight Outta Compton (2015), Jillian Hope Hodgson in Channel Zero (2018), Liz Tremayne in Swamp Thing (2019), Christina in Emmanuel and Me (2019)

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Reacher Cast: Marc Bendavid as Paul Hubble

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Marc Bendavid as Paul Hubble

Character Profile: A Georgia banker. He’s the “currency manager” for a counterfeiting ring. Flashbacks reveal that Paul accidentally got involved with South American criminals.

Bendavid’s Resume: Dominic Blythe in Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (2008), Grant Yates in Degrassi: The Next Generation (2014), Scott Brandon in Bitten (2014), One/Jace Corso in Dark Matter (2015-16), Donovan Davenport in Good Witch (2019-21)

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Reacher Cast: Kristin Kreuk as Charlie Hubble

Reacher Cast on Amazon - Kristin Kreuk as Charlie Hubble

Character Profile: Paul’s wife. She’s a University of Georgia graduate who hides out while Jack and company investigate a counterfeiting operation. Charlie receives protection from a scheming FBI agent.

Kreuk’s Resume: Laurel Yeung in Edgemont (2001-05), Lana Lang in Smallville (2001-09), Fiona in EuroTrip (2004), Chun-Li in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009), Joanna Hanley Chang in Burden of Truth (2018-21)

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The Reacher cast also includes Martin Roach (The Shape of Water, See), Willie C. Carpenter (Men in Black, The Insider), Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows, Werewolves Within), Hugh Thompson (Sea of Love, Chapelwaite) and Currie Graham (NYPD Blue, Assault on Precinct 13).

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