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The Box 2009 Movie - Film Essay

On the Capitalist Realism of ‘The Box’

“‘The Box’ elevates the daily minutiae of capitalist cruelty into the science fiction moral framework of a ‘Twilight Zone’ yarn.”

50s Hollywood Essay - Sunset Blvd.

Hollywood Confronts Itself: Cynicism and Self-Doubt in the 50s

“A sense of restlessness began to be addressed tentatively, and was confronted with increasing boldness as the decade progressed. Battles were being waged on multiple fronts of this unacknowledged war, claims were being sought from historically neglected constituents.”

Luz 2018 Movie - Film Review

Review: Tilman Singer’s ‘Luz’

“‘Luz’ may be a distancing film, but it’s ultimately a fascinating and genuinely creepy one, forging as it does a bold new vision for the tired old demon possession movie, taking a cue from the demons of the subgenre and putting new life into its subject.”

The Hateful Eight Movie Essay - 2015 Quentin Tarantino Film

Once Upon a Time in Tarantinoland: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Is a Slog, But a Solid Thriller

“When looking at Tarantino’s filmography, ‘The Hateful Eight’ doesn’t hold a candle to works like ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Kill Bill,’ but it’s an entertaining film nonetheless — if you don’t mind the runtime.”

Francis Ford Coppola Movie Essay - Tetro Film

Looking Forward While Looking Back: The Recent Films of Francis Ford Coppola

“Coppola’s recent work is not a ‘return to form,’ whatever that means, but rather part of an ongoing exploration of what the form can do, showing an artist increasingly interested in only trying things he hasn’t done before.”

A Self-Induced Hallucination Movie Review - 2018 Jane Schoenbrun Film

IFFR 2019 Review: Jane Schoenbrun’s ‘A Self-Induced Hallucination’

“A thorough, engaging thesis that bridges physical and digital gaps both affirming and sinister, ‘A Self-Induced Hallucination’ is a witty, gripping compilation of collaborative creativity and sterile self-interest.”

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