Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Missing’

Missing Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2023 Movie on Netflix

The Missing soundtrack includes music by Janaé E., Black Caviar and G.L.A.M. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick’s 2023 movie on Netflix. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Missing stars Storm Reid as June Allen, an 18-year-old teenager from Van Nuys, California who searches for her missing mother. Joaquim de Almeida co-stars as Javier, a Colombian gig worker who assists with an online investigation. The storyline follows June as she searches the internet for clues while learning the dark truth about her origin story. Composer Julian Scherle (Princess of the Row) scored the 111-minute film, which features a total of two credited tracks. Here’s every song in Missing.

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Missing Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2023 Movie

Missing Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2023 Movie on Netflix

  • “Hello Cool Girl” by Janaé E. (00:06:00): June receives emergency money from Grace (Nia Long). The Missing soundtrack song continues during a transition sequence. June talks to Veena (Megan Suri) and Kevin (Ken Leung). The music plays during a bedroom scene.
  • “Alright Alright, Okay” by Black Caviar feat. G.L.A.M. (00:09:00): June texts with Veena. The track kicks in as she prepares for a house party. Veena teases a “legendary week.” Heather (Amy Landecker) brings dinner to June.
  • “Fijate” by Carlos Mendoza (Uncredited, 01:35:00): The music is featured during a phone sequence. June video chats with Javi about their investigation. The track plays briefly during the phone sequence.

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Missing released theatrically in January 2023. The film’s supporting cast includes Tim Griffin (The Bourne Supremacy), Daniel Henney (Big Hero 6), Michael Segovia (Grey’s Anatomy), Lauren B. Mosley (Mid90s), Tracy Vilar (Double Jeopardy) and Sean O’Bryan (Olympus Has Fallen).

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