Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Look Both Ways’

Look Both Ways Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Look Both Ways soundtrack includes music by the Mexican Institute of Sound, Jorja Smith and Michelle Branch. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Wanuri Kahiu’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more streaming guides.

Look Both Ways stars Lili Reinhart as Natalie, a college student who dreams of making animated movies in Los Angeles. Danny Ramirez co-stars as Gabe, Natalie’s love interest who becomes the father of her child. The movie explores two different timelines in which the main protagonist pursues her creative goals. Composers Drum & Lace (Dickinson) and Ian Hultquist (Dickinson) scored the 110-minute Netflix film; music supervisor Liza Richardson (Friday Night Lights) selected the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Look Both Ways.

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Look Both Ways Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Look Both Ways Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

  • “We Are Young” by Nico De La Espreilla, Carolina Salinas and Mexican Institute of Sound (00:03:00): The Look Both Ways soundtrack song scores a party sequence. Students enjoy themselves at the University of Texas at Austin. The .fun cover plays again at 01:43:00.
  • “Wanna Fly” by Zach Person (00:07:00): Natalie navigates a party with Cara (Aisha Dee). She celebrates after a negative pregnancy test. Natalie and Cara chat during an alternate timeline.
  • “Heavy, California” by Jungle (00:18:00): Natalie arrives in Los Angeles with Cara. The music scores a montage sequence. Natalie and Cara drive around the city.
  • “The Two of Us” by Omar Apollo (00:19:00): Natalie looks for a job online. The Look Both Ways soundtrack song plays in the background. Natalie learns that Lucy Galloway (Nia Long) is looking for an assistant.
  • “City of Sound” by Big Wild (00:23:00): Natalie crosses a street in Venice. She arrives at a Tall Story event. The music fades as Jake (David Corenswet) looks at Natalie.
  • “Too Good” by Arlo Parks (00:24:00): Natalie tries to order a drink. Jake gets the attention of a bartender named Aiden (Kasey James). Natalie requests cheap tequila.
  • “Bado Mapema (Simama)” by Blinky Bill (01:05:00): Natalie enters Lucy’s office. The Look Both Ways soundtrack song plays from a stereo system. Lucy dances and then turns the music off.
  • “Waylaid/Perpetual Adoration” by Born Ruffians (01:08:00): Natalie visits with Cara. They have lunch and discuss a baby shower. Music plays lightly at a restaurant.
  • “Carry Me Home” by Jorja Smith feat. Maverick Sabre (01:19:00): Natalie finishes an awkward conversation with Gabe. The music continues during a transition sequence. Natalie sits in a car with her daughter.
  • “Breathe” by Michelle Branch (01:22:00): The Look Both Ways soundtrack song accompanies a baby shower scene. Natalie arrives at an event with Cara. She says the party looks like her “worst nightmare.”
  • “Weep for You No More” by Aaron R. Kaplan (01:22:00): Natalie speaks with Nicole (Ashlyn Anderson). Music plays during an outdoors scene. Natalie talks about getting fired.
  • “Move It” by Graceful Lee (01:25:00): An animation-themed sequence begins. Natalie brainstorms at home. She works on sketches during a montage.
  • “Carino” by The Marias (01:34:00): The Look Both Ways soundtrack song scores a party sequence. Natalie reunites with Gabe at SXSW. The characters talk about their work.
  • “We Are Young” by Inyang Bassey (01:35:00): Natalie and Gabe talk at a bar. The track plays during a transition sequence. Gabe’s band performs at The Continental Club.
  • “Central Park D” by Matt Norman (01:39:00): Natalie attends a SXSW screening. She watches her animated short film with Jake. The music drops as Natalie reunites with Lucy.

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The Look Both Ways soundtrack also includes:

  • “Don’t Play with My Heart” by India Shawn
  • “Asi Soy Yo” by Felix Q
  • “Good Morning” by Nacio Brown and Arthur Freed
  • “All Night Long” by Pachyman feat. Wintere
  • “Real Love Ni Wa Mada” by Saho Terao
  • “The One You Want to Be” by Homegrown
  • “La Planete Noire” by Session Musicians
  • “Vamos (Party Personal Version)” by Mexican Institute of Sound feat. Holiday Mountain
  • “Time Undone” by Kalu & The Electric Joint
  • “Side Effects” by Joseph

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