Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Wedding Season’

Wedding Season Soundtrack - Every Featured Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Wedding Season soundtrack includes music by Natania, Priya Ragu and Caribou. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Tom Dey’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Wedding Season stars Pallavi Sharda as Asha, an Indian economist who begins a new life in Newark, New Jersey. Suraj Sharma co-stars as Ravi, an MIT-educated man who moonlights as a successful DJ. The storyline follows the main protagonists as they fake a relationship in order to please their overbearing parents. Composers Jongnic Bontemps (4400) and Raashi Kulkarni (After the River) scored the 98-minute Netflix film; music supervisor Willa Yudell (The Voyeurs) selected the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Wedding Season.

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Wedding Season Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Wedding Season Soundtrack - Every Featured Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

  • “Show Me” by Natania (00:00:00): The Wedding Season soundtrack song scores the opening sequence. Asha eats at Vesuvio’s Pizzeria. The music continues as she narrates about her life.
  • “Garden of the Gods” by Fred Costello (00:10:00): Asha enters a diner. Ravi looks up from his table and stares. The characters begin an arranged date.
  • “Chicken Lemon Rice” by Priya Ragu (00:26:00): The track accompanies a wedding reception montage. Ravi dances by himself. Asha brings her laptop to various wedding parties.
  • “Jind Mahi” by Alaap (Channi Singh) (00:30:00): Asha agrees to dance with Ravi. The Wedding Season soundtrack song plays during a performance scene. Asha and Ravi “sizzle’ on the dance floor.
  • “Key to Love (Is Understanding)” by BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Jonah Yano (00:44:00): The track scores an apartment sequence. Asha and Ravi relax after a meal. The characters chat as a record plays.
  • “Home” by Caribou (00:46:00): An apartment scene continues at Ravi’s home. He speaks about music and his job. Asha falls asleep moments after starting a conversation.
  • “Tiptoeing” by Hope Tala (00:47:00): Asha and Ravi decide to hide the truth about their blossoming relationship. The Wedding Season soundtrack song continues as the characters kiss and smile. Asha and Ravi dance at a wedding reception.
  • “Drums of Maharashtra” by Kedar Pandit (01:23:00): Nick (Sean Kleier) arrives at his wedding ceremony. He rides an elephant-themed vehicle as the crowd cheers. Nick exits the car and plants a sword in the ground.
  • “Get It In” by Raja Kumari (01:27:00): DJ Spellbound performs at a wedding reception for Nick and Priya (Arianna Afsar). Pinky grabs a mic and says, “Stop the music!”
  • “Show Me More” by Natania (01:30:00): The Wedding Season soundtrack song plays as Asha reunites with Ravi. She once again narrates about her life. The track scores a movie-ending group dance sequence.
  • “Real Thing” by Natania (01:33:00): The music plays during the end credits.

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The Wedding Season soundtrack also includes:

  • “Misery Misery Misery” by Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs
  • “Bump” by JB Music
  • “Afterglow” by Raashi Kulkarni
  • “Good Love 2.0 (Soulwax Remix)” by Priya Ragu
  • “Summer Solstice” by Jordan Yaeger
  • “We Got Lasers” by Jordan Yaeger
  • “Drums of Victory” by Bickram Ghosh

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