Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Through My Window’

Through My Window Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Through My Window soundtrack includes music by Chico Blanco, Bea Pelea and Cariño. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Marçal Forés’ 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Through My Window stars Clara Galle as Raquel, a Barcelona teenager who obsesses over her wealthy neighbor. Julio Peña Fernandez co-stars as Ares, the protagonist’s well-to-do love interest who enjoys playing romantic games. The storyline follows the focal teenagers as they weigh the pros and cons of their relationship. Musically, the film incorporates nearly 30 needle-drop tracks throughout the 116-minute runtime. Here’s every song in Through My Window, an adaptation of Ariana Godoy’s 2022 novel.

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Through My Window Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Through My Window Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

  • “Fantasia” by Chico Blanco (00:04:00): Raquel looks outside her window. She spots a laptop computer on the ground. The Through My Window soundtrack song continues as Raquel speaks with Ares.
  • “Sola con mi voz” by Blanco Palamera (00:07:00): Raquel watches soccer players underneath a bleacher section. She observes Ares as thunder rolls. The music scores a slo-mo montage.
  • “Hola, mi amor!” by Chavales (00:15:00): Raquel watches a video of Ares on social media. She receives a text from her mother about cold soup. The song fades as Raquel takes off her headphones.
  • “Doble check” by Axoletes Mexicanos (00:19:00): Ares leaves Raquel’s window. The Through My Window soundtrack song plays as the characters briefly chat. Yoshi delivers sushi at Valle del Tenas High School in a transition scene.
  • “So So” by Ruslan Mediavilla Solovieva (00:22:00): Raquel arrives at Ares’ party with Daniela (Natalia Azahara). She enters a VIP area with Apolo (Hugo Arbues) and Ares. The music drops when Raquel goes outside.
  • “Tech Love (Otra Vez)” by Chico Blanco (00:24:00): Raquel and Ares speak outside a nightclub. They begin kissing as the song plays. Raquel leaves and says, “Karma is a bitch, Greek god.”
  • “Or Nai Lon” by VAN17INO6 y Davo Clean (00:26:00):The Through My Widow soundtrack song scores a nightclub sequence. Raquel orders a drink and speaks with Apolo. The music picks up as Daniela dances.
  • “Si no te vuelvo a ver” by Bea Pelea (00:26:00): Daniela complains about babysitting Apolo. The music cuts as the characters argue.
  • “Quiero que vengas” by Amaia (00:30:00): Raquel lies in a bed between Ares and a drunken Apolo. The music continues as the older brother makes a move. Raquel moans while Apolo fades off.
  • “Pulpito Reversible” by Autotune Angel, Lopoint (00:31:00): Raquel talks with Daniela about her evening with Ares. Yoshi listens to the Through My Window soundtrack song on his phone. Raquel explains that she didn’t have sex with Ares.
  • “Invierno Nuclear” by Adrian Montero Lopez (00:33:00): Raquel receives a gift from Ares. Yoshi inquires about the sender. The music drops when Raquel leaves.
  • “Dime que me odias” by Depresión Sonora (00:39:00): Yoshi looks outside a window. Tere inquires about Raquel’s whereabouts.
  • “Sugar Mama” by La Zowi y Albany (00:43:00): Raquel arrives at the Hidalgo home. The Through My Window soundtrack song plays as Artemis (Eric Masip) signals to Apolo. Raquel watches Ares during a game of “Never Have I Ever.”
  • “Cuanto Más” by Gabriela Casero Monge (00:44:00): Various party guests jump into a pool. Ares surprises Raquel with a push. Galle’s character asks for her necklace.
  • “Búscame” by Robie (00:52:00): Raquel sits alone during an outdoor gathering. Yoshi arrives with two drinks. Raquel spots Ares after speaking with Daniela.
  • “Yo Sigo Iual” by Bad Gyal (00:54:00): Daniela kisses Apolo. She guides his hands as the Through My Window soundtrack song continues.
  • “Lagrimas de amor” by Camela (00:55:00): Daniela kisses a female party guest. She leaves Apolo aka “Crazy Fingers” by himself. Yoshi dances amongst party guests.
  • “Para que no duela” by Albany, Goa (00:56:00): Raquels speaks with Yoshi at the Valle del Tenas pool. Daniela accidentally dirties the water. Raquel and Yoshi flee.
  • “Quizz” by VAN17INO6 y KILLMIYA (01:00:00): The Through My Window soundtrack song accompanies a street sequence. A vehicle approaches Raquel while playing the music. Ares observes the moment from his window.
  • “La Chica Vampira” by Papa Topa (01:15:00): Raquel hooks up with Ares on a Ferris wheel. The song scores an extended sex montage. “La Chica Vampira” drops when Ares learns that security footage captured his sexcapades.
  • “I Hate U I Love U” by Alba Casas Hernandez (Albany) (01:24:00): Raquel tears up at home. She leaves when her mother begins a conversation. Raquel closes her computer while Ares struggles emotionally at home.
  • “Te Brillan” by Cariño (01:33:00): Raquel arrives at her school prom dance. She navigates the event and looks around. Ares sprints down a street.
  • “El deseo” by Bea Pelea (01:34:00): Raquel looks at her phone. She speaks with Daniela about Ares.
  • “Dame Estrelles o Limones” by Family (01:37:00): Ares tries to climb out of a pool full of bleach. Yoshi embraces Raquel. Ares loses consciousness in the pool.
  • “Canción De Pop De Amor” by Cariño (01:47:00): Ares shows up in Raquel’s bedroom. The teenage couple embraces. The Through My Window soundtrack song scores the closing moments and end credits.

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The Through My Window soundtrack also includes:

  • “Cold Fear 20” by Selected Sound
  • “Tocame el culo” by rebe
  • “Tricorder” by Akron

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