Know the Cast: ‘Brazen’

Brazen Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Brazen cast features Alyssa Milano, Sam Page and Malachi Weir. This info article contains minor spoilers for Monika Mitchell’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Brazen follows a true crime novelist named Grace who investigates the murder of her sister. When the protagonist learns about an online dominatrix community, she makes a connection to a suspicious high school student. Meanwhile, a local police officer grows close with Grace as they uncover the truth. Here’s every main performer and character in Brazen, an adaptation of Nora Roberts’ 1988 novel Brazen Virtue.

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Brazen Cast: Alyssa Milano as Grace

Brazen Cast - Alyssa Milano as Grace

Character Profile: A true crime novelist who writes about the exploitation of women. She investigates her sister’s death and develops a romance with a police officer. Grace pretends to be an online dominatrix in hopes of catching a killer.

Milano’s Resume: Samantha Micelli in Who’s the Boss? (1984-92), Jenny Matrix in Commando (1985), Margo Masse in Fear (1996), Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed (1998-2006), Coralee Armstrong in Insatiable (2018-19)

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Brazen Cast: Sam Page as Ed

Brazen Cast - Sam Page as Ed

Character Profile: The neighbor of Grace’s sister, Kathleen. He’s a detective who develops a romance with the protagonist. Ed is stern but fair while balancing his personal and professional life.

Page’s Resume: Greg Harris in Mad Men (2008-12), Craig Tebbe in Switched at Birth (2012-15), Connor Ellis in House of Cards (2014), Keith in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2016), Richard Hunter in The Bold Type (2017-)

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Brazen Cast: Malachi Weir as Ben

Brazen Cast - Malachi Weir as Ben

Character Profile: Ed’s police partner. He provides comic relief throughout the film. Ben keeps an eye on Ed’s relationship with Grace.

Weir’s Resume: Manager in What Maisie Knew (2012), Guy in Window in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014), Lonnie Watley in Billions (2016-19), Mike Leigh in Wisdom of the Crowd (2017-18), Coleman Lewis in Chicago P.D. (2018)

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Brazen Cast: Emilie Ullerup as Kathleen aka Desiree

Brazen Cast - Emilie Ullerup as Kathleen aka Desiree

Character Profile: Grace’s sister. She’s a former pill addict who works as a high school teacher. Desiree hopes to gain custody of her son while secretly working as an online dominatrix named Desiree.

Ullerup’s Resume: Julia in Battlestar Galactica (2006), Kaitlin Joyce in JPod (2008), Ashley Magnus in Sanctuary (2008-11), Astrid Poulsen in Artic Air (2012-14), Bree O’Brien in Chesapeake Shores (2016-)

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Brazen Cast: Matthew Finlan as Jerald Baxter

Brazen Cast - Matthew Finlan as Jerald Baxter

Character Profile: Kathleen’s student. His mother is a Missouri senator. Jerald becomes a prime suspect because of his odd behavior.

Finlan’s Resume: MP Mosley in The Terror (2019), Bart in Frankie Drake Mysteries (2019), All-American Bro in Grand Army (2020), Charlie Chaplin in Murdoch Mysteries (2021), Marcel in Jingle Bell Princess (2021)

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Brazen Cast: Alison Araya as Captain Rivera

Brazen Cast - Alison Araya as Captain Rivera

Character Profile: Ed’s boss. She’s a fan of Grace as a novelist but doesn’t believe that she can contribute to the the focal murder investigation. Captain Rivera changes her mind when Milano’s character makes crucial observations about the murder case.

Araya’s Resume: Ms. Weiss in Riverdale (2017-21), Aubrey Azevedo in Lost in Space (2019-21), Aunt Victoria in Julie and the Phantoms (2020), Kiara Hudis in Maid (2021), Amber Calcaterra in Peacemaker (2022)

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The Brazen cast also includes Colleen Wheeler (The Tall Man, Tully), David Lewis (Man of Steel, Child’s Play), Daniel Deimer (Sacred Lies, The Half of It), Barry Levy (Supernatural, L.A. Macabre) and Lossen Chambers (Unspeakable, The Flash).

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