Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘The Wasteland’

The Wasteland Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie El páramo

The Wasteland soundtrack includes music by Inma Questa, Asier Flores, Giacomo Meyerbeer and Johann Strauss. This info article contains spoilers and song details for David Casademunt’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

In The Wasteland, Inma Cuesta stars as a Spanish mother named Lucía. Her family lives in seclusion to avoid the horrors of war. Lucía and her husband Salvador (Roberto Álamo) educate their son, Diego (Asier Flores), about a mythological beast that feeds on human fear. Musically, the film includes a blend of traditional folk tunes and soaring orchestral compositions. Here’s every song in The Wasteland, otherwise known as El páramo.

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The Wasteland Soundtrack: Every Song in the Netflix Movie

The Wasteland Soundtrack - Every Song in the Netflix Movie El páramo

  • “Mambrú se fue a la guerra” by Inma Questa, Asier Flores (00:18:00): Lucía sings The Wasteland soundtrack song with her son. She vocalizes in front of a mirror as Salvador works. The lyrics tells a story about a woman who receives news of her husband’s death during the War of the Spanish Succession. The moment foreshadows Salvador’s disappearance into the “outlands.”
  • “Don Federico” by Inma Questa, Asier Flores (00:26:00): The Wasteland soundtrack song is used as a recurring musical motif. Lucía and Diego sing the folk tune after Salvador leaves home. Cuesta’s character ultimately grows tired of the song as her perspective changes. During the first musical usage, Lucía and Diego sit alone together in a bed as the wind swirls; in a transition sequence, a wide shot captures a moment of joy. The film then shifts to a bedroom shot, with Diego struggling to sleep because of stomach issues. By 00:29:00, a music box sound is incorporated to thematically align with poetic exterior visuals. “I’m winning!” Diego says, unaware about the true nature of “la bestia.”

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The Wasteland soundtrack also includes:

  • “Le Prophete, Act III — Hymn Triomphal” by Giacomo Meyerbeer
  • “Telegramme Op 218” by Johann Strauss

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