Know the Cast: ‘Don’t Look Up’

Don't Look Up Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Don’t Look Up cast features Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. This info article contains minor spoilers for Adam McKay’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Don’t Look Up follows two American astronomers who predict an apocalyptic event. The protagonists attempt to convince government leaders about the basic science of an incoming comet, only to discover that the general public doesn’t take them seriously. Furthermore, the visual evidence in the sky becomes politicized by the U.S. president. Here’s every main performer and character in Don’t Look Up.

Don’t Look Up Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio as Randall Mindy

Don't Look Up Cast - Leonardo DiCaprio as Randall Mindy

Character Profile: A tenured professor of astronomy at Michigan State University. He studies trace gasses in dead galaxies. Randall cheats on his wife and breaks down in public during a press tour.

DiCaprio’s Resume: Jack Dawson in Titanic (1997), Billy in The Departed (2006), Cobb in Inception (2010), Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Rick Dalton in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky

Don't Look Up Cast - Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky

Character Profile: Dr. Mindy’s colleague, a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University. She obsesses about why a three-star general charged her for free snacks at The White House. Kate goes underground after being threatened by the government.

Lawrence’s Resume: Raven/Mystique in the X-Men Movie Franchise (2011-), Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games Movie Franchise (2012-15), Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle (2013), Dominika Egorova in Red Sparrow (2018)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Meryl Streep as Janie Orlean

Don't Look Up Cast - Meryl Streep as Janie Orlean

Character Profile: The United States president. She initially wants to “sit tight and assess” the comet situation. President Orlean leads a “Don’t Look Up” rally and dismisses scientific evidence.

Streep’s Resume: Linda in The Deer Hunter (1978), Sophie in Sophie’s Choice (1982), Karen in Out of Africa (1985), Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Aunt March in Little Women (2019)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee

Don't Look Up Cast - Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee

Character Profile: The co-host of “The Daily Rip.” She has an affair with Dr. Mindy and doesn’t take his claims seriously. Brie’s family has “grotesque money.”

Blanchett’s Resume: Elizabeth I in Elizabeth (1998), Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings Movie Franchise (2001-14-), Jasmine in Blue Jasmine (2013), Carol Aird in Carol (2015), Dr. Lilith Ritter in Nightmare Alley (2021)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Rob Morgan as Clayton Oglethorpe

Don't Look Up Cast - Rob Morgan as Clayton Oglethorpe

Character Profile: Dr. Mindy’s colleague. He supports the science about “Comet Dibiasky.” Dr. Oglethorpe is emotionally invested in the romance between musicians Riley Bina and DJ Chello.

Morgan’s Resume: Turk Barrett in Daredevil (2015-16), Officer Powell in Stranger Things (2016-19), Hap Jackson in Mudbound (2017), John Randall in Godless (2017), Vincent Cross in The Unforgivable (2021)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Jonah Hill as Jason Orlean

Don't Look Up Cast - Jonah Hill as Jason Orlean

Character Profile: The president’s son and chief of staff. He’s a superficial figure who offers a prayer to the American public for “dope stuff.” Jason identifies himself as a member of the “Cool Rich.”

Hill’s Resume: Seth in Superbad (2007), Peter Brand in Moneyball (2011), Morton Schmidt in 21 Jump Street (2012), Donnie Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Owen Milgrim in Maniac (2018)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Mark Rylance as Peter Isherwell

Don't Look Up Cast - Mark Rylance as Peter Isherwell

Character Profile: The CEO of BASH and the third-richest human ever. He wants to mine Comet Dibiasky for rare minerals. Peter speaks awkwardly during public appearances while promoting BASH Explore and Acquire Drone.

Rylance’s Resume: Rudolf Abel in Bridge of Spies (2015), BFG in BFG (2016), Mr. Dawson in Dunkirk (2017), Anorak/Halliday in Ready Player One (2018), William Kunstler in The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Tyler Perry as Jack Bremmer

Don't Look Up Cast - Tyler Perry as Jack Bremmer

Character Profile: The co-host of “The Daily Rip.” He’s a BASH investor who avoids depressing news. Jack repeatedly interviews Dr. Mindy but doesn’t take him seriously.

Perry’s Resume: The Creator and Star of the Madea Movie Franchise — Also, Alex Cross in Alex Cross (2012), Tanner Bolt in Gone Girl (2014), Colin Powell in Vice (2018), Arthur in Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Timothée Chalamet as Yule

Don't Look Up Cast - Timothée Chalamet as Yule

Character Profile: A DrinkMo patron who recognizes Kate. He’s a religious skateboarder who doesn’t believe in the apocalyptic hype. Yule develops a romance with Kate and impresses people with his eloquent speaking skills.

Chalamet’s Resume: Elio in Call Me by Your Name (2017), Kyle Scheible in Lady Bird (2017), Nic Sheff in Beautiful Boy (2018), Laurie in Little Women (2019), Paul Atreides in Dune (2021)

Don’t Look Up Cast: Ron Perlman as Benedict Drask

Don't Look Up Cast - Ron Perlman as Benedict Drask

Character Profile: A U.S. colonel. He’s a Medal of Freedom recipient who leads Operation American Savior. Benedict enjoys alcohol and jokes about having DUIs removed from legal file.

Perlman’s Resume: Vincent in Beauty and the Beast (1987-90), Hellboy in Hellboy (2004), Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy (2008-13), Pernell Harris in Hand of God (2014-17), Bruno in Nightmare Alley (2021)


The Don’t Look Up cast also includes Scott Mescudi (Westworld, Bill & Ted Face the Music), Himesh Patel (Yesterday, Station Eleven), Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness, Yellowjackets), Michael Chiklis (The Commish, The Shield) and American pop star Ariana Grande.

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.