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Coyotes Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Belgian Series

The Coyotes cast features Louka Minnella, Dara Tombroff and Kassim Meesters. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for the Belgian series (now streaming on Netflix). Check out more TV guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Coyotes follows a group of Belgian scouts who acquire missing jewels in Warnaffe, a province of Luxembourg. The protagonists try to sell their loot in Antwerp but get tracked down by the main baddie, Marc. The Netflix series explores the relationship dynamics amongst the focal Coyote crew, and also between two characters who plan to flee and begin a new life together. Here’s every main performer and character in Coyotes.

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Coyotes Cast: Louka Minnella as Kevin

Coyotes Cast - Louka Minnella as Kevin

Character Profile: A Brussels native who attends a scout camp in Warnaffe. He immediately forms a romantic relationship with a young woman and also finds diamonds on a dead body. Kevin experiences physical abuse from his father and brother, and then uses that to his advantage while plotting an escape plan.

Minnella’s Resume: Bryan in The Unknown Girl (2016), Harold in Those Who Work (2018), Joey in Sans soleil (2021)

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Coyotes Cast: Kassim Meesters as Furet

Coyotes Cast - Kassim Meesters as Furet

Character Profile: Kevin’s best friend. He’s a member of the Coyotes who struggles with confidence issues. Furet is attracted to Kevin but doesn’t feel comfortable speaking about his sexuality.

Meesters’ Resume: TV Debut in Coyotes

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Coyotes Cast: Sarah Ber as Mangouste

Coyotes Cast - Sarah Ber as Mangouste

Character Profile: The leader of the Coyotes. She initially wants to hide jewels that are found by Kevin. Mangouste keeps her group together and reminds the various members of their commitments.

Ber’s Resume: Rachel in Elle s’appelait Sarah (2010), Amie Mélanie in Keeper (2015), Elève art dramatique in The Canterville Ghost (2016)

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Coyotes Cast: Victoria Bluck as Panda

Coyotes Cast - Victoria Bluck as Panda

Character Profile: A religious member of the Coyotes. She nearly ruins the group’s plan while drunk-dialing her father. Panda has a lukewarm romantic relationship with a fellow Coyote named Mouss.

Bluck’s Resume: Louise in Young Ahmed (2019)

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Coyotes Cast: Dara Tombroff as Marie

Coyotes Cast - Dara Tombroff as Marie

Character Profile: Kevin’s love interest. Her mother hosts the scout camp event in Warnaffe. Marie’s Italian ex-boyfriend is key to the central jewel mystery.

Tombroff’s Resume: Mathilde Pécheux in Jealous (2017), Europe in Europe (2020), TV Debut in Coyotes

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Coyotes Cast: Anas El Marcouchi as Mouss

Coyotes Cast - Anas El Marcouchi as Mouss

Character Profile: A member of the Coyotes. He stays behind at the camp when his friends travel to Antwerp. Mouss has a romantic connection with Panda but mostly keeps to himself.

El Marcouchi’s Resume: TV Debut in Coyotes

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Coyotes Cast: Steve Driesen as Marc Moyersoen

Coyotes Cast - Steve Driesen as Marc Moyersoen

Character Profile: The primary villain. He runs a criminal operation with a group of Italian siblings. Marc investigates missing jewels while trying to please his Sikh business contacts.

Driesen’s Resume: Cachan in Landes (2013), Amos Bauer/Foetus in Section Zéro (2016), Tom in Girl (2018), Frédéric in Human Factors (2021), Van Gogh in Van Gogh in Love (2021)

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The Coyotes cast also includes Magaly Teixeira (À l’année prochaine – Até para o ano, The Restless), Nilton Martins (Cosmos Within Us, Raspberries with Mustard), Léo Moreau (Tomorrow Is Ours, The Girl with a Bracelet), Félix Vannoorenberghe (Lola, The Middleman), Tessa Balzano (TV debut), Valérie Bodson (JCVD, Diamond 13) and Jesuthasan Antonythasan (Dheepan, Conditions).

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