Know the Cast: ‘Outlaws’

Outlaws Cast - Every Performer and Character in Las leyes de la frontera

The Outlaws cast features Marcos Ruiz, Begoña Vargas and Chechu Salgado. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Daniel Monzón’s 2021 movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Outlaws follows a group of young criminals in 1978 Girona, Spain. Seventeen-year-old Nacho works at a local arcade and piques the interest of Tere, a charismatic woman who may or may not be dating a gruff gentleman named Zarco. When the teenage protagonist clashes with family members, he moves out and hangs with his new friends. Nacho’s crew robs various pharmacies and thus alarms the police, which leads to chaos, betrayals and death. Here’s every main player in Outlaws, otherwise known as The Laws of the Border (Las leyes de la frontera).

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Outlaws Cast: Marcos Ruiz as Nacho

Outlaws Cast - Marcos Ruiz as Nacho

Character Profile: A 17-year-old Girona native. He works at an arcade and worries that local youths intend to rob the establishment. Nacho develops a new inner circle of friends and quickly becomes part of a heist crew.

Ruiz’s Resume: Micro in Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013), Íñigo de Balboa in Captain Alatriste (2015), Hijo Camoes in Smoke & Mirrors (2016), Nico in El Nudo (2019-20), Iván in Madres. Amor y vida (2020)

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Outlaws Cast: Begoña Vargas as Tere

Outlaws Cast - Begoña Vargas as Tere

Character Profile: A Girona local who befriends Nacho. She invites him to hang out at La Font in Chinatown. Tere seemingly has a boyfriend named Zarco but actively pursues a sexual relationship with Nacho.

Vargas’ Resume: Roberta in A Different View (2018-19), Andrea in Boca Norte (2019), Verónica de García in High Seas (2019-20), Amparo in Malasaña 32 (2020), Evelyn in Paraíso (2021)

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Outlaws Cast: Chechu Salgado as Zarco

Outlaws Cast - Chechu Salgado as Zarco

Character Profile: Tere’s boyfriend. He’s the leader of a robbery crew who urges Nacho to consider a different way of life. Zarco hides a crucial part of information about his family.

Salgado’s Resume: Román Fiúza in Serramoura (2014-18), Javi in Cocaine Coast (2018), Ismael in La caza. Monteperdido (2019), Ramón Rojo in Serve and Protect (2019-20), Patxo in Patria (2020)

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Outlaws Cast: Xavier Martín as Gordo

Outlaws Cast - Xavier Martín as Gordo

Character Profile: An aloof member of Zarco’s crew. He has a girlfriend named Lina. Gordo enjoys the perks of his criminal lifestyle.

Martín’s Resume: Feature Debut in Outlaws

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Outlaws Cast: Carlos Oviedo as Guille

Outlaws Cast - Carlos Oviedo as Guille

Character Profile: A stern member of Zarco’s crew. He immediately makes Nacho suspicious. Guille doesn’t carry a weapon during a fateful road trip.

Oviedo’s Resume: Feature Debut in Outlaws

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Outlaws Cast: Jorge Aparicio as Chino

Outlaws Cast - Jorge Aparicio as Chino

Character Profile: An easy-going member of Zarco’s crew. He gets arrested by the cops and communicates with a police inspector. Chino isn’t trusted to carry a gun so he serves as a getaway driver.

Aparicio’s Resume: Feature Debut in Outlaws

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Outlaws Cast: Daniel Ibáñez as Piernas

Outlaws Cast - Daniel Ibáñez as Piernas

Character Profile: A charismatic member of Zarco’s crew. He is the focus of an early-movie dance sequence and later sells drugs to Germans at the beach. Piernas is targeted and tortured by the Girona police.

Ibáñez’s Resume: Dani Romero in Si fueras tú (2017), Miguel in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), Álex Mujica in The Barrier (2020), Dani in Caminantes (2020), Rafa in The Good Boss (2021)

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The Outlaws cast also includes Cintia García (Nada será igual. La película), Víctor Manuel Pajares (Feature Debut), Xavi Sáez (Pain and Glory, Money Heist), Carlos Serrano (El secreto de Puente Viejo, Bandoleros) and Pep Tosar (The Ministry of Time, Money Heist).

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