Know the Cast: ‘7 Prisoners’

7 Prisoners Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The 7 Prisoners cast features Christian Malheiros, Rodrigo Santoro and Bruno Rocha. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Alexandre Moratto’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

7 Prisoners follows an 18-year-old Brazilian farmer named Mateus. He moves from Catanduva to São Paulo, where he works at a scrap yard with three other young men from his rural community. Mateus immediately clashes with his boss, Luca, who threatens his employees with violence, and claims that they need to pay off a debt. The storyline examines the various factors that influence the protagonist’s perspective. Here’s every main performer and character in 7 Prisoners.

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7 Prisoners Cast: Christian Malheiros as Mateus

7 Prisoners Cast - Christian Malheiros as Mateus

Character Profile: A native of Catanduva. He leaves his family farm to work at a scrap yard in São Paulo. Mateus rebels against his boss, Luca, only to become his right-hand man due to his intellect and leadership abilities.

Malheiros’ Resume: Socrates in Socrates (2018), Nando in Sintonia (2019), Tony in Sessão de Terapia (2021), Eduardo in Colônia (2021)

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7 Prisoners Cast: Rodrigo Santoro as Luca

7 Prisoners Cast - 7 Prisoners Cast: Rodrigo Santoro as Luca

Character Profile: Luca’s boss, a scrap yard owner. He buys workers for cheap labor and threatens them with violence. Luca has a close business relationship with a local politician and receives protection from various people in the community.

Santoro’s Resume: Karl in Love Actually (2003), Xerxes in 300 (2006), Paolo in Lost (2006-07), Hector Escaton/Ettore in Westworld (2016-20), Magallanes in Boundless (2021)

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7 Prisoners Cast: Bruno Rocha as Samuel

7 Prisoners Cast - Bruno Rocha as Samuel

Character Profile: Mateus’ co-worker. He speaks about his girlfriend Julia and doesn’t want to run away from debts. Samuel worries that he might’ve been sold by his family and tries to escape.

Rocha’s Resume: Marcos is Psi (2015), Vitinho in Jailers (2017), Raposo in Thirteen Days Away from the Sun  (2017), Paolo in 3% (2018-19)

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7 Prisoners Cast: Vitor Julian as Ezequiel

7 Prisoners Cast - Vitor Julian as Ezequiel

Character Profile: Mateus’ co-worker. He never slept in a proper bed before arriving in São Paulo and doesn’t know his age. Ezequiel gets bullied by a co-worker named Isaque and wants to return home to his loving mother.

Julian’s Resume: Feature Debut in 7 Prisoners

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7 Prisoners Cast: Lucas Oranmian as Isaque

7 Prisoners Cast - Lucas Oranmian as Isaque

Character Profile: Mateus’ co-worker. He’s the most rebellious of the group and plots against Luca. Isaque unsurprisingly gets angry when Mateus prioritizes work opportunities over worker unity.

Oranmian’s Resume: Barman Zanini in O Negócio (2014-18), Bruno in Public Intimacy (2018), Estagiário in Pacto de Sangue (2018), Perito in Yakuza Princess (2021)

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The 7 Prisoners cast also includes Dirce Thomaz, Mauricio de Barros, Andre Abujamra, Kiko Marques, Clayton Mariano and Josias Duarte.

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