Know the Cast: ‘Little Big Mouth’

Little Big Mouth Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Little Big Mouth cast features Nay Maps, Amanda du-Pont and James Borthwick. This info article contains minor spoilers for Gray Hofmeyr and Ziggy Hofmeyr’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Little Big Mouth explores the bond between a South African guitarist and a single mother. Real-life musician Bay Maps stars as Siya, a performer who gets kicked out of a band. He meets a local woman, Mel, who lives with her young son and cantankerous father. As Siya and his love interest pursue their personal and professional goals, three different people try to hold them back. Here’s every main performer and character in Little Big Mouth.

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Little Big Mouth Cast: Nay Maps as Siya

Little Big Mouth Cast - Nay Maps as Siya

Character Profile: A South African guitarist. He pursues a romance with a local woman named Mel but has little money to support himself. Siya overcomes several obstacles, two of them being Mel’s mischievous son and skeptical father.

Maps’ Resume: A Popular South African Musician — Also, Mxolisi Xulu in Uzalo (2015)

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Little Big Mouth Cast: Amanda du-Pont as Mel

Little Big Mouth Cast - Amanda du-Pont as Mel

Character Profile: A book keeper. Her partner died in drunk driving accident. Mel confronts her father and son when they try to sabotage her relationship with Siya.

Du-Pont’s Resume: Nisha in Between Friends: Ithala (2014), Kim K in 10 Days in Sun City (2017), Sharon in Taryn & Sharon (2017), Ashley in Shadow (2019), Candy in Slay (2021)

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Little Big Mouth Cast: James Borthwick as Frank

Little Big Mouth Cast - James Borthwick as Frank

Character Profile: Mel’s retired father, a former garage owner. His wife left him because of a gambling problem. Frank and his grandson continuously prank Siya.

Borthwick’s Resume: Roger Swanton in Westgate (1981), Vorster in Stander (2003), Leonid Brezhnev in The Crown (2017), Ferdie Kruger in Hotel (2016-20), Johannes Ackerman in Nobody Dies (2018)

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Little Big Mouth Cast: Brady Hofmeyr as Luke

Little Big Mouth Cast - Brady Hofmeyr as Luke

Character Profile: Mel’s nine-year-old son. He initially bonds with Siya but then resents him. Luke realizes and accepts that his mother needs to move on from the past.

Hofmeyr’s Resume: Feature Debut in Little Big Mouth

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Little Big Mouth Cast: Charlie Bouguenon as Ceddie

Little Big Mouth Cast - Charlie Bouguenon as Ceddie

Character Profile: Mel’s love interest. He takes her to the opera and makes disparaging statements about Siya. Ceddie helps Luke during a third act fire incident.

Bouguenon’s Resume: Captain Fox in Homeland (2014), Namibian Scientist in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Joe Gotty in Vuil Wasgoed (2017), Dimitrov Kuryalenko in Red Room (2019), Merc Leader in Bloodshot (2020)

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The Little Big Mouth cast also includes Craig Jackson, Georgia-Ann Alp, Jason Hinch, Jacques Andriaanse and Gray Hofmeyr.

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