Know the Cast: ‘Operation Hyacinth’

Operation Hyacinth Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Operation Hyacinth cast features Tomasz Ziętek, Hubert Milkowski and Marek Kalita. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Piotr Domalewski’s Polish Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Operation Hyacinth (Hiacynt) takes place in mid-80s Poland. The title refers to a government campaign to identify each and every homosexual in the country. When police officer Robert investigates the murder of a gay man,  he questions his own sexuality and the motivations of his colleagues. Here’s every main player in Operation Hyacinth, a 2021 film written by Marcin Ciaston.

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Tomasz Ziętek as Robert

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Tomasz Ziętek as Robert

Character Profile: A Polish militia officer and the son of a colonel. He investigates the murders of various gay men. Robert is engaged to a female colleague but develops romantic feelings for his male informant.

Ziętek’s Resume: Zbyszek Godlewski in Black Thursday (2011), Pawel in Silent Night (2017), Tomasz in World on Fire (2019), Pinczer in Corpus Christi (2019), Jurek Popiel in Leave No Traces (2021)

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Hubert Milkowski as Arek

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Hubert Milkowski as Arek

Character Profile: Robert’s gay informant. He assists with an investigation while becoming the main protagonist’s lover. Arek tries to process the motivations of Robert, who is heavily influenced by his judgmental father.

Milkowski’s Resume: Kazimierz Wunsche in Dywizjon 303 (2018), Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski in Stulecie Winnych (2020), Young Pawel in The Woods (2020), Cyprian Deren in Raven (2021), Marcin in Pajeczyna (2021)

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Marek Kalita as Edward

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Marek Kalita as Edward

Character Profile: Robert’s father. He’s a colonel and a leader of the secret police. Edward refuses to accept that Robert has romantic feelings for Arek.

Kalita’s Resume: Tomasz Zuber in The Last Action (2009), Wiktor Kossowski in Galeria (2012-14), Dr. Fus in Konwój (2017), Jerzy Kempa in The Border (2017), Maciej in Other People (2021)

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Adrianna Chlebicka as Halinka

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Adrianna Chlebicka as Halinka

Character Profile: Robert’s fiancee. She’s a militia officer who works in the evidence room. Halinka worries about Robert’s declining mental health.

Chlebicka’s Resume: Zuza in M jak milosc (2012-14), Kamila in Baby Blues (2012), Regina Dziemaszkiewicz in Historia Roja (2016), Natalia Sokól in Control (2018-20), Monika/Klaudia in Squared Love (2021)

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Tomasz Schuchardt as Wojtek

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Tomasz Schuchardt as Wojtek

Character Profile: Robert’s rough-around-the-edges colleague. He assists with a serial killer case. Wojtek and Robert discover a disturbing VHS tape.

Schuchardt’s Resume: Facet z kubu in Suicide Room (2011), Adrian in In the Name Of (2013), Benek in Chemo (2015), Karski in Lullaby Killer (2017), Bartlomiej Dworak in Skazana (2021)

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Operation Hyacinth Cast: Piotr Trojan as Kamil

Operation Hyacinth Cast (Hiacynt) - Piotr Trojan as Kamil

Character Profile: A gay man who runs from Robert and Wojtek. He worries about being harmed by people in his inner circle. Kamil provides information that complicates Robert’s murder investigation.

Trojan’s Resume: Piotrek in Okupacja (2011), Tomasz Komenda in 25 Years of Innocence (2020), Eryk in Synthol (2021), Priest Kurówka in Fears (2021), Darek in The Mire (2021)

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The Operation Hyacinth cast also includes Jacek Poniedzialek (Battle of Warsaw 1920, The Reverse), Sebastian Stankiewicz (Okna, okna, Mister T.), Agnieszka Suchora (Silent Night, The Border), Tomasz Wlosok (I’m a Killer, Corpus Christi) and Mirosław Zbrojewicz (The Foreigner, Spies of Warsaw).

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