Know the Cast: ‘Candyman’

Candyman Cast 1992 - Every Main Performer and Character

The Candyman cast includes Tony Todd, Virginia Madsen and Xander Berkeley. This info article contains spoilers and character details for the 1992 film that inspired three sequels, including Nia DaCosta’s 2021 movie of the same name.  Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Based on Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden,” Candyman features one of the most iconic villains of 90s horror. American actor Tony Todd stars as the eponymous character, a supernatural killer who terrorizes a Chicago housing project. Bernard Rose’s film works as a traditional genre film, but its subtext about Black emotional trauma makes it a timeless classic. Here’s every main performer and character in Candyman.

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Candyman Cast 1992: Virginia Madsen as Helen Lyle

Candyman Cast 1992 - Virginia Madsen as Helen Lyle

Character Profile: A Chicago graduate student who learns about the Candyman urban legend. She investigates sightings at the Cabrini-Green housing project, and learns about various crimes associated with the local lore. Helen gets hypnotized and framed by the Candyman for the murder of her research partner.

Madsen’s Resume: Princess Irulan in Dune (1984), Dolly Harshaw in The Hot Spot (1990), Katherine in The Prophecy (1995), Maya in Sideways (2004), Kimble Hookstraten in Designated Survivor (2016-17)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Tony Todd as Candyman

Candyman Cast 1992 - Tony Todd as Candyman

Character Profile: The focal villain who appears at the Cabrini-Green housing project, the site of his murder a century prior. In real life, Candyman was an artist named Daniel Robitaille who was attacked for having a sexual relationship with a white woman. Candyman wears a hook because Daniel’s hand was severed; he’s also associated with bees because Daniel passed away after being tortured and stung.

Todd’s Resume: Ben in Night of the Living Dead (1990), Grange in The Crow (1994), Captain Darrow in The Rock (1996), Zoom in The Flash (2015-18), Slyrak in Dota: Dragon’s Blood (2021)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Xander Berkeley as Trevor Lyle

Candyman Cast 1992 - Xander Berkeley as Trevor Lyle

Character Profile: Helen’s husband, a fellow graduate student. He appears to be loyal and supportive throughout Candyman but eventually carries on an affair with a younger woman. Trevor is punished for betraying Helen.

Berkeley’s Resume: Todd Voight in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Henry Hurt in Apollo 13 (1995), Alexander Willis in Barb Wire (1996), George Mason in 24 (2001-03), Gregory in The Walking Dead (2016-18)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Kasi Lemmons as Bernie Walsh

Candyman Cast 1992 - Kasi Lemmons as Bernie Walsh

Character Profile: Helen’s collaborator on an academic paper about the Candyman legend. She specifically wants to know how the lore affects Cabrini-Green residents. Bernie is killed by the Candyman, who frames Helen for the crime.

Lemmons’ Resume: Ardelia Mapp in The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Cookie in The Five Heartbeats (1991), Madonna in Gridlock’d (1997) — Also, Director of Eve’s Bayou (1997) and Harriet (2019)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Vanessa Williams as Anne-Marie McCoy

Candyman Cast 1992 - Vanessa Estelle Williams as Anne-Marie McCoy

Character Profile: Helen’s neighbor. She fears the Candyman and gets into a physical confrontation with Madsen’s character. Anne-Marie’s son is the main protagonist in the 2021 franchise movie Candyman.

Williams’ Resume: Keisha in New Jack City (1991), Rhonda Blair in Melrose Place (1992-93), Maxine Chadway in Soul Food (2000-04), Valerie Grant in Days of Our Lives (2016), Pippa Pascale in The L Word: Generation Q (2021)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Marianna Elliott as Clara

Candyman Cast 1992 - Marianna Elliott as Clara

Character Profile: A Chicago woman who appears at the beginning of the movie. She intends to cheat on her partner with a man named Billy. Clara is killed after saying the villain’s name for a fifth time.

Elliott’s Resume: Eden in Bakersfield P.D. (1993), Claire Voyant in Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997), Trooper Macintosh in Rites of Passage (1999), Alice Hicks in Charmed (2001), Lorene Adkins in Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1999-2002)

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Candyman Cast 1992: Ted Raimi as Billy

Candyman Cast 1992 - Ted Raimi as Billy

Character Profile: Clara’s love interest. He’s the person who actually says “Candyman” four times in the opening sequence. According to rumors, Billy’s hair turned white from shock after Candyman killed Clara and her baby. The character is portrayed by the brother of filmmaker Sam Raimi.

Raimi’s Resume: Fake Shemp in The Evil Dead (1981), Joxer in Xena: Warrior Princess (1996-2001), Hoffman in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy (2002-07), Chet Kaminski in Ash vs Evil Dead (2016), Ian Ullman in Deadwax (2018)

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The Candyman cast also includes DeJuan Guy (Baywatch, Baby Boy), Ria Pavia (Freeway, The Hughleys), Lisa Ann Poggi (Shakedown, Honeymoon in Vegas), Eric Edwards (The Little Rascals, Blade) and Carolyn Lowery (Quantum Leap, Friends).

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