Review: David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s ‘The Djinn’

Startlingly tense and lovingly directed, David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s The Djinn is a heartbreaking and imperfect horror film that is a strong addition to the “genie” genre. The 2021 movie follows a minimalistic story about a mute boy, Dylan (a memorably brilliant Ezra Dewey), who becomes trapped in his new apartment as he battles the titular Djinn (eerily voiced by John Erickson), a demonic genie that becomes summoned by Dylan. Set in 1989, The Djinn begins with Dylan and his father, working class radio DJ Michael (a kind faced Rob Brownstein), coping with the recent death of wife and mother Michelle (a skillfully cast Tevy Poe). When the grieving father and son move to a new home, Dylan learns the previous homeowner d
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